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Flame On: National Smoking Day.
National Smoking Day

Why not ? If theres a National No Smoking Day, then why not a National Smoking Day ? It would certainly do more good !

What's the problem with smoking ? Bottom line, the way I see it, there are several facets:

As far as I'm concerned, there should be no more restrictions on smoking, nor the smoking industry than there are for Driving, Drinking, or their respective industries. Be fair, it can't be easy for them to sell fags (given that they are guaranteed to kill the smoker, and likely everyone within 50 paces) at least let them advertise.

There is a slight problem with this argument in that the revenue collected from tobacco sales does not go to the Health Department, likewise the Tax on Petrol does not pay for Road Kills, but that is the decision of the Government, they have decided what budget the Health Service will work to, and I must assume that they account for smoking, and the revenue it provides in that budget.

Incidentally, if you are a non-smoking, non-drinking vegetarian with no motor transport, then I think it only fair that you be permitted to stay at home on National Smoking Day. Congradulations on your will-power, I'm sure you will live forever !

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