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Tattoo Page: Time
Biatomic Hydrogen

Time is an abstract concept - Lunchtime doubly so
Douglas Adams was absolutely correct in this observation - We have no measurement system here on Earth which is not in some way specific to, or dependant on Earth (or Earth's properties).

All metric measurements are in some way linked into each other, more specifically, they are linked to water:

A box 10cm x 10cm x 10cm holds 1 litre of water; this litre weights 1Kg, and if suspended on a string 1 meter long and given a little push, will swing once per second. To raise the Kg by one meter will require 1 Joule of energy (and so it goes on).

Its very nice, and I find it loads easier to work with than Imperial, but it is still earth specific, Time is a function of Earth's rotation, Distance, Mass, Volume and enything else fall into place about this abstract duration.

The pendulum idea is a good way of defining a duration, but unfortunately is dependant on gravity. By changing the model to two masses on a spring, the same properties can be identified, but the model will now work in a zero-G vacuum, its time-base is dependant on the mass of each point, and the spring strength that holds them. As well as an oscillation model, this model - or something that looks and behaves very similarly, can be found in chemistry.

A single Hydrogen atom is not a happy fellow - on the whole, he likes company, and left to his own devices, will go and find another Hydrogen atom to bond with. The result is a Biatomic Hydrogen Molecule, and it can be visualised using this same model - two masses on a spring.

There's the time model - the mass of a Hydrogen atom is a universal, the atomic bond strength is universal, and the model will (or should) oscillate at the same frequency - universally. I'll save you the maths - the answer is 129 GHz. The design to the right of the Biatomic model on the tattoo is a scale - it identifies this hydrogen frequency as being 1 (red) unit. The key then identifies 1 (black) unit by equating it to a number of Red units, and identifies 1 Blue unit agains a number of black units.

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