STOP Expansion of Exeter Airport

Exeter International Airport has released its Airport Master Plan

At the beginning of July the airport released its Draft Master Plan explaining how it intends to expand passenger numbers from 1 million a year to 3.4 million.

For many reasons this is catastrophic: bad for Climate Change, bad for Noise Levels, bad for Pollution and bad for the Local Economy.

We have until the end of September to object. We will upload our detailed objections to the Master Plan within the next few weeks.

To download the Master Plan click here ... and sign the Petition here
Try to avoid filling in the questionnaire on Exeter Airport's website, as it is incredibly misleading and rather biased. It fails to ask the important questions like for example "Do you think it is OK for Exeter Airport to expand CO2 emissions from 100,000 tonnes to 230,000 tonnes by 2030, when everyone else will be reducing their carbon footprint?"

Saturday - 26th July 2008

Our Day of Action will be held outside Boots on the High Street, between 10am and 2pm.
Please come and visit us, and sign a postcard objecting to the expansion of the airport.

We will be unfurling our 12 metre (40ft) long banner:

Climate Change: The Real Cost of Air Travel

In order to meet our personal responsibility we all need to cut our per capita CO2 emissions from 12 tonnes a year to about 1.2 tonnes. In terms of our own personal target (excluding business emissions) it is about half of this. That means our personal carbon footprint has to come down to about 0.6 tonnes a year (600 kilogrammes).
The following chart shows just how challenging a target this is.

Note: the above figures include the 2.7 "radiative forcing" multiplier.

You can see from the above chart that if air travel takes up about 20% of all our personal emissions then each person in the UK has sufficient carbon credits to take a holiday to Spain about once every 10 years, or a flight to New York every 30 years. A holiday in Thailand will use up 50 years of carbon credits.

Exeter Airport has to face reality

Regional & City Airports - the new owner of Exeter Airport - has to come to terms with the real world.

In order to meet our commitment to stop climate change, the UK has to make cuts in CO2 emissions of 90% by 2030. No sector of the economy can be insulated from this requirement.

We have calculated that passenger numbers at Exeter Airport will need to be cut from about a million passengers a year in 2006/2007, to about 250,000 passengers by 2030. (This includes a 30% improvement in overall efficiency over that period).

Exeter Airport's Master Plan forecasts an increase from 1 million to 3.4 million passengers per year. This is simply not compatible with stopping climate change.

We intend to ensure that the new owners of the airport come to terms with their real world responsibility.

What you can do:

Please do the following actions ...

  • sign the Petition
  • view the Petition
  • read the case against Expansion of Exeter Airport
  • read how we calculated the 250,000 target passenger numbers for Exeter Airport
  • make a commitment to reduce the number of flights that you take (Commitments T12 & T14)
  • join Friends of the Earth

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