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Say NO to the Exeter Incinerator, and NO to Landfill
Say YES to MBT, and YES to Minimising Waste

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Dirty Truths - Incineration and Climate Change. May 2006. (755Kb)
Friends of the Earth Briefing which summarises the research carried out 'Eunomia', concluding that electricity-only incinerators emit 33% more CO2 than a gas fired power station, and only 40% less than a coal fired power station.

A Changing Climate for Energy from Waste? May 2006. (848Kb)
This is the original 'Eunomia' report which I include here as it contains very detailed and useful information. In addition it also suggests that the figures for incinerators are conservative because it completely ignores emissions from biogenic (biomass) sources. The authors of the report suggest that because landfill will lock in 30% of the biogenic emissions then you should include up to 30% of the biogenic emissions in the calculations for incinerator. If this is the case then incinerators become considerable more climate damaging than all the other alternatives.

Up in Smoke - Why Friends of the Earth oppose incineration. Jun 2003. (275Kb)
Friends of the Earth Briefing which outlines the reason why we should all oppose Incinerators. It is a good place to start if you wish to find out referenced evidence for opposition.

A Guide to MBT. Oct 2006. (349Kb)
A guide to MBT from ASSURRE which is the European think tank on sustainable waste management. It also has some pictures of what an MBT would look like.

Cool Waste Management - A State-of-the-Art Alternative to Incineration for Residual Municipal Waste. Feb 2003. (310Kb)
Greenpeace document which explains in great detail the research on waste treatment techniques and reasons why MBT is technically the best solution for residual waste.

Incinerators and Health Issues. May 2002. (198Kb)
Friends of the Earth Briefing which goes into great detail concerning the Health Issues of Incinerators.

Report to Exeter City Council. May 2007. (1979 Kb)
A 10 page report was sent to Exeter City Council on the 28th May 2007, stating that a new incinerator was clearing inconsistent with Exeter City Council's bid to become a "Zero Waste" authority.

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