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Devon County Council
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Objection to new "Energy from Waste" Incinerator, Marsh Barton, Exeter

I formally object to the new incinerator on the following grounds:

1.. The incinerator will create far too much CO2 emissions. We all have to reduce CO2 emissions by about 80% to 90% as soon as possible. A new incinerator creating 45,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year will be inconsistent with that aim.

2.. The incinerator will undermine initiatives to minimise waste in the first place, and to maximise recycling. We should be aiming for a minimum of 30% reduction in waste, and 80% recycling rates. This would reduce Exeter's residual waste to under 10,000 tonnes. The need to feed an incinerator with 60,000 tonnes of waste every year will certainly force us to relax our need to minimise waste and recycle.

3.. From a materials sustainability point of view, we must not destroy useful resources by burning them. We need to retain the value of the planets dwindling and precious resources by keeping them in the system.

4.. Incinerators produce highly toxic ash, which is required to be kept in a licenced landfill site. There is no such licenced toxic waste site in Devon, so it will need to be transported outside of the county. It is also quite immoral to expect other communities outside Devon to suffer the pollution of our toxic waste.

5.. The size of the incinerator is designed to cope with waste from Exeter and East Devon. However, as recycling rates rise, and waste minimisation improves, the incinerator will be forced to accept waste from further afield. This runs contrary to the "proximity principal" which requires waste to be treated locally. Transportation of waste, with its noise, pollution and emissions, will inevitably increase.

6.. The flue stack will have a damaging visual impact on the valley park, and views of the cathedral which can be seen from here.

7.. The incinerator will release dioxins and other pollutants into the local environment.

8.. There are far better solutions. Waste Minimisation coupled with maximising recycling rates in conjunction with mechanical and biological treatment, will be a better environmental solution, than an inflexible incinerator. And will be cheaper too.

9.. The alternative solution identified above will also provide more jobs.

10.. The incinerator will cost 32.5 million to build, and cost an additional 6 million every year in gate fees. The alternative will be far cheaper.

Please keep me informed of your decision.

Yours sincerely

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