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"We, the undersigned, object to a 60,000 tonne incinerator in Exeter, and urge Devon County Council to choose MBT instead"




Statement of objection

1 Maurice Spurway Salmon Pool Lane, Exeter This is totally the wrong solution for Exeter. If we are truly concerned about Climate Change, we would implement a policy of waste minimisation, re-use of valuable resources, 80% recycling and MBT for residual waste.
2 Grahame Jordan Barton Road, Exeter Energy production that produces CO2 and dioxins cannot be described as green. Devon has done much to further recycling why cancel out the good work with incineration?
3 Jonathan Dawson Hoopern Street, Exeter To add more pollution to our over polluted climate and water supplies is madness. We cannot continue to use the environment as our resource and sewer. I object to the use of an incinerator especially as it only saves 50 percent landfill and undermines the great start we have made on recycling.
4 Sam Coates St Germans Road, Exeter Incineration is an attempt to not deal with the problems of waste. What we need instead is a strategy for zero waste.
5 Stephanie Parker Beacon Lane, Exeter Incineration is not the way forward, we need to think of other ways like minimising waste and recycling that are going to be beneficial to climate change.
6 Rob Rickey Creedy Park, Crediton This project would undermine recycling efforts, cause dangerous particulate pollution and emit more C02 than a gas-fired plant.
7 Sophie Steer Exeter We have a duty to do as much as we can to save the planet and the environment. By having incinerators more damage would be caused. Reuse what we already have not burn it.
8 Pat Mathewson Wonford Road, Exeter I live in the City and so do my grandchildren. I would like the council to find a better way of dealing with waste.
9 Linda Lever Long Barn, Crediton Incinerators don't encourage the reduction of waste or recycling. They need plenty of waste to feed them, with all the implications for use of non-renewable raw materials. They also add to production of carbon dioxide. This is not joined up thinking.
10 Gemma Ryan Sideling Fields, Tiverton I believe that the capital involved in building and maintaining incinerators, which may have disastrous effects on human health and the environment, should be used for more benificial purposes such as recycling schemes or developing more sustainable sources of energy.
11 Sue Stevens Ashill, Cullompton The building of this incinerator will increase the carbon emmissions from each ton of waste. By destroying waste rather than recycling additional energy has to be used to produce new goods. Also with incineration the residue toxic ash still has to be deposed off in landfill sites which damages the local environment.
12 Pat Barker West Sandford, Crediton It is misleading to be trying to sell this idea to the public as a "green option". It will emit an unacceptable amount of CO2.
13 Andrew Lockett Monks Road, Exeter There will be massive effects on the local air quality and global warming.
14 Cllr Ricky Knight Bishops Tawton, North Devon The emphasis has to be REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE - incineration is a stop-gap measure which will do nothing to help the environment or change people's bad habits - and it will spew even more CO2 and toxins into the atmosphere
15 Martin Crothall Cavendish Road, Exeter The toxic emissions would be a danger to Exeter and the wider environment.
16 Ian Ryder Monmouth Street, Topsham I do not wish for myself or my family to have to breathe in the dioxins that come from these incinerators. They should be banned.
17 Diana Moore Church Road Alphington 1: increase in particulates - increased pollution and its effect on health. 2: increased lorries past our house - YES we are NIMBYS' with good reason. 3: impact on climate change. need I go on?
18 Christine Prior Normanby Road, Bristol I object because incinerators are "waste hungry" which means that they need a never ending stream of waste to keep them going which means that Councils will take waste from hundreds of miles away to feed them. Plus, the noxious fumes etc.
19 Margaretta Jolly Edgerton Park Road, Exeter More research needed into this complex proposal.
20 Abigail Dixon St Leonards, Exeter I am concerned about levels of air pollution, smoke and emissions of carbon dioxide.
21 Charles Dixon Norwood Avenue, Exeter I object to the incinerator as I now car share to reduce my CO2 emissions and the council now want to pump tonnes more CO2 into the Devon sky. What sort of example does that set?
22 Susan King Lewis Crescent, Exeter Is Devon County Council mad? Why doesn't it recycle properly, as in Germany.
23 Tammie Alphington, Exeter This side of Exeter already suffers from the highest pollution levels thanks to Alphington Road. It will be in close proximity to a pre, primary & secondary school. Not Acceptable.
24 Andrew M Smith Alphington, Exeter This sort of project is not suitable to be situated in such a residential area. What about the health of residents. Incinerator? No Thank You.
25 Mary Longhurst Austen Close, Exeter I object because it will hasten global warming. Manufacturers must use less packaging, and reduce advertising leaflets through our letterboxes. We must recycle, with hefty fines and "name and shame" for noncompliance.
26 Denise Ross Pounds Hill, Crediton Incineration will bring its own problems that may only add to the already considerable environmental problems we have. We need to tackle the root causes not look for quick fixes.
27 Harriet White Polsloe Road, Exeter I object to the plans to build an incinerator because there are cleaner, cheaper and more sustainable solutions.
28 Lynn Wetenhall Cowick Hill, Exeter I object to an incinerator on the grounds of the pollution it will emit, and undermining attempts to reduce and recycle waste.
29 Cate Calder Cadhay, Ottery St Mary I object to the incinerator - Cleaner options exist.
30 Alisdair Patterson Taddyforde Estate In 2006, we should be able to do this in a more intelligent and environmentally friendly way!
31 Jon Nash Monks Road, Exeter It seems inconceivable that with the state of the environment and concern about climate change this is even considered.
32 Terry Griffin Salmon Pool Lane, Exeter Please consider that Devon County Council Exec. are discussing this project on the 28th November, on the 25th November they are holding a Climate Change Action Day on the 25th November. What hypocrits.
33 Michelle Evans Bethany House, Exeter This idea is so foolish.
34 Paul Edwards Sandford, Crediton I object to the additional CO2 which will add to Climate Change, and the inevitable production of Dioxins.
35 C M Dymond Sandford, Crediton So much more of this material could and should be recycled.
36 Steve Wilmore Cedars Road, Exeter Definitely, recycling is the way forward - more awareness and education!
37 D Olney Bude, Cornwall Don't want. Don't need.
38 A F Laide The Mint, Exeter This is not a good idea. I object to the unnecesary pollution.
39 Elizabeth Loveday Well Street, Exeter This is a very unhealthy option.
40 Richard Weedon Cherry Tree Close I am extremely concerned about the emissions.
41 Janice Dumbrell Raleigh Road, Teignmouth I am 100% against this.
42 Nicola Jill Wakley Gittisham, Honiton Recycle!
43 D Frayne Ringswell Place, Exeter We need to recycle far more than we are at the moment.
44 K Jones Clyst St. Mary I object to this proposal.
45 B M Weedon Chestnut Avenue, Cullompton 80% Recycling is the answer.
46 Mary Cooper Shillingford, Exeter Reduce packaging and recycle.
47 T Ratchford Castle Mount, Exeter Need to recycle more. Not burn it!
48 S Greenall South Lawn Terrace, Exeter It's not a healthy option. It's commercial. We should be banning unnecessary packaging.
49 B Oliver EX1, Exeter It is important that we reduce the huge mountain of unnecessary waste first.
50 E Gordon EX3, Exeter I object to the incinerator. We must persuade everyone to reduce their waste by half. It ought to be possible.
51 R Pringle Oxford Road, Exeter Surely we should stop all these plastic bags, and all the overpackaging.
52 J Dymond Victoria Road, Exmouth We must think of the future for our children. They will not want to inherit Climate Chaos.
53 K Binding Castle Mount, Exeter Maybe this will persuade us to get serious about reducing our waste.
54 K Finning Whiteway Drive, Exeter Climate Change is a serious issue. That is why we must not build an incinerator.
55 L. Corker Five Bells, Offwell I object strongly to this incinerator. We have to look for less damaging alternatives.
56 D C Knarman Lynmouth Avenue, Paignton Exeter only produces 65,000 tonnes of waste. Devon is proposing to burn 60,000 tonnes of this. It is irresponsible to produce so much CO2.
57 Steph Pallett Exmouth, Devon This would be disastrous. Please make sure it doesn't happen.
58 F May Gloucester Road, Exeter We must reduce our waste now.
59 N Rees Rose Cott, Brayford Incinerators are bad for our health, and the health of the planet.
60 Nicola Beglin West Avenue, Exeter Incineration increases overall CO2 emissions, remaining ash is approx. 30% of original weight which will still need disposing of. Incineration will undermine the strategy of recycling and producing less waste.
61 G Meade Cherry Tree Close I can't believe that Devon County Council are putting forward such a damaging solution. They must change this decision to one based on established sustainable management of waste.
62 S Armstong Whipton Barton Road, Exeter This will be bad news for Exeter. More recycling is the better answer.
63 M Chan Blackboy Road, Exeter 60,000 tonnes is a lot of valuable resource to burn. Devon must look at this again.
64 M Dennis Colyton, Devon It is about time we got serious about our climate. Devon must choose a low carbon waste solution.
65 Brian Clarke Ringswell Avenue We must reduce the production of carbon dioxide if we are to be within emissions targets.
66 Alex Harris St James, Exeter We should be REDUCING CO2 emissions, so why are Devon proposing an incinerator which will INCREASE CO2 emissions.
67 Leonie Bonner Sidwell Street, Exeter We have to think of the future for our children.
68 Nick Collins Pinhoe, Exeter I don't want to breathe this pollution, thanks.
69 S Jenkins Topsham, Exeter It is environmentally negative. Alternatives should be sought to waste issues.
70 S Perry South Brent The best solution is to reduce waste. But waste is still growing. Lest get serious about Waste Reduction.
71 M Neal Cullompton We should be recycling waste and reducing consumption.
72 K Chesters Tiverton, Devon The incinerator would burn valuable resources AND create carbon dioxide. Where is the sense in that?
73 Francis Ridd St Davids, Exeter I think it is an incredible waste to burn valuable resources. Recycle instead.
74 Jon Reynolds Hill Barton Road There must be better ways of disposing waste. lets look long term.
75 Stella Reynolds Causey Gardens, Exeter Not a good idea.
76 Tom Williams Exeter Road, Kingsteignton A total waste
77 Janis Ashfold Yeovil, Somerset Use best practice recycling methods as instigated by government policies.
78 Lee Wickens Harrow on the Hill, London Devon is being irresponsible to burn so much of Exeter's waste. How can Exeter meet it's CO2 reduction targets? Does it have any?
79 Louise Prout Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot CO2 emissions. Cancer causing dioxins. Toxic ash. Excessive lorry movements. What is Devon thinking of?
80 Pauline Whiter Church Street, Exeter Too much CO2 emissions.
81 D L Brown Newlands, Charmouth CO2 emissions! STOP before we die.
82 H Gatland Meadowview Road, Tiverton Stop the burner.
83 C P Husson Plymtree Recycle please.
84 B L Husson Plymtree More recycling facilities are needed.
85 Peter Kirkham Harberton, Totnes The incinerator is a temporary measure which is very bad for the environment and is a distraction from re-use and less-waste policies which the County Council urgently needs to be addressing.
86 Mrs Jane Hickling Galmpton, Brixham, Devon Incinerators are hazardous to our environment, adding dioxins and toxic gases to our already polluted air, and contribute to the build up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere with their CO2 emissions.
87 Andrew Bell Church Road, Alphington REDUCE, REDUCE, REDUCE. That's the key message for the next 20 years, not burn, burn, burn.
88 Jessica Mordue Old Tiverton Road, Exeter The incinerator is a dangerous default choice, based on incorrect research. The council should be pushing re-use and recycle, as well as MBT. Why are we way behind Europe on this issue?
89 David Ashby Gidleigh, Chagford Don't think short term. Re-consider the options.
90 Andy Rees Chagford, Devon Incineration produces highly toxic fumes and waste products, which will pollute the surrounding area.
91 Paul Harding Widecombe Way, Exeter Burning waste seems to be the wrong path. Further investigation of the possibility of MBT/digestion here is needed.
92 Anne Tucker Sandford, Crediton I believe there is a better alternative to incineration with MBT more environmentally friendly which should be pursued.
93 John Richardson-Dawes Chute Street, Exeter This is environmentally insensitive and adds to rather than lessening the dangers of global warming.
94 Kate Isaacs Gunstone, Crediton Reduce, re-use, recycle. Then use better ways of disposing of the small amount that's left. Most of the (small amount of) rubbish in my bin is packaging I never wanted or needed in the first place.
95 Elinor Scott Exeter I object to this incinerator as this will contribute to climate change by emitting yet more harmful CO2 into the atmosphere as well as adding to the general existing pollution in Exeter. It will also have an adverse effect on encouraging recycling initiatives.
96 John Cook Lower Wear Road, Countess Wear I object because other methods would be more beneficial to our dying planet. If we dont act now it may be too late for our children.
97 Claire Robinson Winswood, Crediton I object because of the ill health effects near incinerators that are documented in the small amount of research on this issue--and because of the anecdotal evidence from residents who live near even "state-of-the-art" burners (terrible nauseating smells, ill health, etc.). And because incinerators kill recycling for 25-30 years.
98 Roderick Drew Hittisleigh Exeter Another smoke stack sending burnt plastic into the carbon fog? Recycling and reusing is the way we have to go. Or use bio-degradable plastic - most of our waste these days.
99 Daniel Knibb Birchy Barton Hill, Exeter The proposed new incinerator seems to be the wrong way to go about the problem of waste. It would appear that alternative strategies will result in less local pollution and reduced CO2 emissions, so I would support investing in these instead.
100 Sue Bosley Hoopern Street, Exeter I would like to seen an alternative to the incincerator in the form of MBT.
101 Mark Griffin St Annes Road. Exeter The proposed Incenerator is preventing any transformation of Exeter to a low carbon city. It is essential that the proposal is stopped and M B T is considered as a more closed system, environmentally friendly method of dealing with the city's waste.
102 Martyn Bragg Shillingford St George, Exeter I object to the incinerator. Please use the money assigned for this project to invest in reducing the waste created in the first place
103 Stephanie Ni Mhaille 17 Raleigh Rod, Exeter In my opinion this decision has been made from profit motivation rather than environmental commonsense. In my opinion this is tantamount to corruption.
104 Nicolas Rannou 6 Mayflower Avenue, Exeter An incinerator will increase CO2 emissions, and will release deadly dioxin over the city despite all the 'so called' norms and guaranties. Incinerators always break the pollution rules set up by the authorities in all European countries...and I don't see why they will start to behave now.
105 Audaye Elesedy Chantry Meadow, Alphington NO! NO! NO! The incinerator will increase CO2 other greenhouse gases and particle pollutants. Bad for Exeter's Environment. Bad for Exeter's Health. Bad for Exeter's Economy. ECC PLEASE PROTECT US: Give us MBT; A coherent waste minimisation and lower cleaner emissions policy; Committed solid and principled action to this end.
106 Andrew Bragg Canon Way, Alphington I object to a new incinerator. Exeter should be reducing its waste, not increasing it. If a new plant must be built then an MBT plant should be built.
107 Chris Sloan Dawlish Road, Alphington Harmful emissions - who knows what we'll actually be burning? Does not reduce waste or CO2, just reduces waste to landfill so does not tackle root cause. Less consumption and more recycling are the real solutions.
108 Steve Melia Heather Park, South Brent The WISARD analysis used by AEA was flawed and out of date. MBT represents a more sustainable solution.
109 Marcus Shirley Howell Road, Exeter Making it easier to incinerate waste will simply make it easier to avoid the inevitable need to REDUCE wastage in Exeter.
110 Alan Dransfield St Leonards, Exeter The truth about the incinerator is as about as transparent as the PFI Schools Projects,i.e. the 6 PFI schools are unfit for purpose
111 Tim Sinclair Bonhay Road, Exeter We poison ourselves with dioxins and mess up our fragile climate with CO2. Let's opt out of the suicide of the human race.
112 Pat Mathewson Wonford Road, Exeter A more sustainable way of getting rid of rubbish should be found, and junk should be reduced.
113 E Shorthouse Cumberland Close, Exmouth Throw away less, recycle more. No need for a big incinerator. It's logical.
114 B Lyne Willsdown Road, Exeter An incinerator is not a good advert for a Zero Waste Exeter.
115 F Clark Mount Pleasant, Exeter Cut Waste by cutting packaging.
116 L Quarrington Headland Crescent, Exeter Burners destroy the biosphere and pollute our lungs.
117 Misracevikoz King Arthurs Rd, Exeter It would pollute the area.
118 D Reid Hyde Park Rd, Exeter The pollution is significant. Also it would be an eyesore.
119 M Kincey The Mint, Exeter There is no doubt. The incinerator is not wanted in Exeter.
120 D Hekt Clinton Avenue, Exeter Recycle more !
121 Timothy Bemrose Temple Rd, Exeter It's time to stop producing so much waste in the first place.
122 I Bolis Ashburton Reduce, recycle refuse. Now.
123 P Evans Buckfastleigh There has got to be a better way of getting rid of rubbish.
124 S Price Lucas avenue, Exeter As stated above, there has got to be a better way.
125 Blu Exeter There must be a better way to get rid of our waste. We must start thinking about saving our world.
126 Tim Pilling Rockbeare We must reduce our waste. Recycle everything. Consider the alternatives.
127 Sam Bartle Copplestone Educate the masses. Education, Education, Education...
128 A E Blewitt Matford Ave, Exeter There must be a safer way. There is!
129 D Cornworthy College Rd, Exeter This idea goes against the grain of working towards a cleaner Exeter.
130 H Treby Clipper Quay, Exeter Reduce waste. Get your act together.
131 A Shurmer Guiss Lane, Exwick Get your act together.
132 John Cox Elm Grove Road, Exeter How about a loger term view.
133 Lisa Hebbard St Annes Road, Exeter Please put more money into the alternatives.
134 T Williams-Key Plymouth I think " Prevention - not cure".
135 Melanie Attwater St Leonards Avenue, Exeter People should be encoraged to recycle more, as in Europe.
136 Chris Quin Deacon Lane, Exeter There is a better alternative; MBT. Especially if Exeter becomes a unitary authority.
137 David Bailey Well St, Exeter This would be a step backwards in a long run not forwards. If people know they can produce as much waste as they want and it would be burnt this will not promote individual responsibility of our waste.
138 Jown Cowler West Grove Road, Exeter I have an allotment in the Valley Park which I use to grow organic vegetables for the family, and think the toxic ash and smoke would ruin the whole concept of growing organic.
139 Craig Almond Pinhoe Rd, Exeter The incinerator is the worst option for avoiding landfill. Devon should be putting itself at the forefront of green technologies. Not just paying lip service to green politics.
140 Claire Robinson Trentbridge Square, Exeter Retrograde way of dealing with waste in the 21st century when better and more environmentally sound methods exist. It would add to the carbon footprint of the City, binding the City for 25 years.
141 Dr Carole Jones Chillington, Devon Incinerators are environmentally unsound. there are numerous other routes to follow for dealing with waste. Further, the people of Devon should be asked for their opinion, with all of the options and their environmental pros and cons clearly and honestly detailed by impartial advisors.
142 Dr Christine Hauskeller Park Road, Exeter This project is not a very ecological solution to dispose of waste. Other solutions have to be found and encouraged, even if they appear more expensive in the short term.
143 William John Harvey Hensleigh Drive, Exeter There are much better systems than incineration. MBT can absorb CO2 and increase recycling.
144 Margaret Yoon Toronto Road, Exeter A burner is not an environmentally acceptable option for dealing with waste. There must be a better way to deal with waste and to maintain the beauty of Devon.
145 Thom Webster Exeter University The argument for incineration as a serious, viable method of waste disposal is over. MBT is a rational, sustainable solution. Sustainability MUST be the future. Otherwise there is no future.
146 Dr Jacquelyn Allen Collinson University of Exeter The toxic fumes & ash produced by the incineration process will be highly detrimental to Exeter & environs. Emissions of particulates, heavy metals & dioxins are known to be highly deleterious to human and animal health. Dioxins are carcinogenic in humans.
147 Christine Duff Thornton Hill, Exeter The huge CO2 emmissions that will ensue.
148 Stefan Garrel Portland Street, Exeter I object most strongly to this incinerator.
149 Lianne Balk Feltrim Avenue, St Leonards I hereby would like to object to the proposed building of an incinerator in Exeter for the following reasons: It will be too close to the City Centre. I don't agree with rubbish form the entire region being driven through Exeter to be burnt beside the river Exe. It will undermine recycling, and emit toxic smoke and CO2.
150 Helen Vassallo Exeter At a time when we are supposed to be promoting awareness of climate change and encouraging commitment to recycling, this proposal is irresponsible and destructive.
151 Jonathan Flaxman Cedars Road, Exeter These resources should be spent on recycling initiatives to reduce the amount of waste that is produced. The incinerator should not be built so close to the city centre where trucks will be driving in from all over Devon.
152 Lucy Rourke St Sidwells Avenue, Exeter There are far better alternatives than this, including MBT.
153 Jane Stevenson Wonford Road, Exeter I object to the idea of rubbish from the entire region being driven through Exeter to be burnt beside the river Exe.
154 Dr Aidan Coveney Sylvan Road, Exeter The incinerator will cause substantial pollution to the air in one of Devon's most populous areas. It will increase lorry movements from outside the area. A more ecological solution must be found.
155 Dylan Hughes West View Terrace, Exeter I object to the proposal of a waste incinerator by "Viridor Waste Management" because I think it is not a sensible way to address the issue of Exeter's waste.
156 Chris Clatworthy Topsham Road, Exeter There are much better systems than incineration. MBT can absorb CO2 and increase recycling.
157 Dr Paul Cooke Collins Road, Exeter I believe this planned burner to be bad for the environment.
158 Dr Neil Sewell Bagshot Avenue, Exeter As a scientist, I cannot condone the action of incinerating waste which can be demonstrably recycled or reused, particularly when the proposed site is in close proximity to a high density of people.
159 Tim O'Neill Streatham Rise, Exeter I object to the proposal to build a waste incinerator in Exeter because it will cause air pollution, and generate excess lorry movements. Burning waste is also not the best solution.
160 Tim Heyes New North Road, Exeter I am concerned about the level of emissions from the plant; its proximity to residential areas and the riverside; and any increase in road traffic is unacceptable.
161 Vicky George Longbrook Street, Exeter Recycling is the way forward, less pollution = a more sustainable world.
162 Mo Osborne Barnfield Road, Exeter This is the wrong site.
163 Ian Bowen Exe Vale Road, Exeter Our leaders should be looking at more imaginative methods of waste processing.
164 Craig Radford Alphington, Exeter It is unacceptable to consider another waste development so close to our homes & schools. The waste facilities in the area already spoil one of the only attractions in the city. The infrastructure of Exeter is already fragile without the additional pressure further traffic will bring.
165 Jaqui Radford Alphington, Exeter Because it is being placed in the only beautiful location in Exeter and somewhere pleasant to walk, and secondly the roads of exeter especially Marsh Barton are already jammed this will make a bad situation worse, much worse!!!
166 Scott Ballard Ide, Exeter I lived by one before and the quality of life for everyone within 5 miles went down. I do testing to parts per trillion with GC-Ms. Did you know, even though the testing equipment is in a closed lab, chemicals from the other side of the University were found in testing blank samples. Rates of respiratory disease are already up and I know someone who is dying from lung cancer and he doesn't smoke.
167 Lynda Ballard Ide, Exeter Bad for heath and the environment. We are meant to be recycling, not bloodly well burning them.
168 Iryna Labunska Fox Road, Exeter Incineration of household wastes produces dioxins and other cancer-causing chemicals and generates thousands of tones of highly contaminated ash. We donít want either people of Exeter or surrounding environment to be poisoned by a polluting incinerator.
169 Dr Kevin Brigden Crediton, Devon The incinerator will inhibit efforts towards waste reduction, will produce hazardous atmospheric emissions and generate hazardous solid wastes (such as dioxin containing fly ashes) and may be used to treat hazardous wastes (as recently proposed for hazardous waste disposal in the UK).
170 Lisa Alsford Toronto Road, Exeter I do not feel this is the way forward with regards to waste disposal - we need something that will be more eco friendly and encourage peoplel to minimise waste.
171 Graham Selby-Smetzer Alphington, Exeter I don't want to live in an area with toxic fumes, possibly damaging to my health.
172 Annmarie Cornhill Exwick, Exeter Recycling is the way forward.
173 Lesley Downes Dunsford Although I gather that some of the energy produced by the incinerator will provide some useable energy, calculations show that emissions will be high. As the quality of the atmosphere is important globally, I feel there must be a better solution.
174 Lynda Dalton Truro Drive Exeter Too Expensive, will reduce not increase recycling. We do not want everyone elses rubbish in Exeter. Will add not subtract from Polution.
175 Dr Christine Flaxman 56 Cedars Road I object to the proposed building of an incinerator that will be so close to the city centre and to the idea of rubbish from the entire region being driven and burnt there.
176 Mark Webber Whitestone I would like us to take more responsible action for the waste that we produce and to safe guard our collective health and well being.
177 Jeremy Child Mill Road, Exeter It's unnecessary - there are better ways. This flies in the face of the good work that the area has done for the environment.
178 Julian Wright University of Exeter The incinerator would be too close to a residential area.
179 Kevin Robinson Loram Way, Alphington The roads in Alphington are already gridlocked during the day; incineration isn't the solution, it will just bring more environmental problems; kingfishers, herons and goldfinches are rare enough already!
179 Maria Lock Loram Way, Alphington Increased traffic: Alphington Road is already far too busy. Incineration will bring other issues and isn't the answer. I like the wildlife that lives along the riverbanks, upon which this will have a drastic impact.
180 Alex White Chawleigh - Mid- Devon I feel that renewable energy should be harnessed instead of spending money on an incinerator. Invest in offshore wind farms and recycling facilities within Devon.
181 Karim Kamara 25 Rivermead Road, This air polluting incinerator should not be located so near residential areas and ISCA school. Why not build it at the site of the existing landfill site at Heathfield, Kingsteignton?
182 Kate Povey Black Dog, Crediton Incineration is not the answer. Recycling rates should become so much higher. Extra traffic around Marsh Barton will produce more gridlock.
183 Geraldine Elizabeth Sebastian Sutherland Drive,Torquay The need to protect the environment is crucial.
184 Dan Hough Pennsylvania Park, Exeter, Devon The Exeter incinerator is worse for the environment and Exeter than MBT. We should do all we can to support the enviroment.
185 Jon Pinsky Marlborough Road, Exeter Outdate obsolete technology, produces tonnes of pollutants and CO2, Situated virtually in the centre of a major urban population.
186 Paul Bennett Malden Road, Sidmouth I think we have a duty to find better alternatives to incineration.
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