The Mountain Ranges


WELCOME to a concept everyone believed possible; a jigsaw puzzle on the internet. It works in much the same way as a normal jigsaw puzzle, except the element of cheating is left to your discretion.
HOW TO PLAY: Initially, you are given a jumbled up lot of pieces in the Scrap Board and a blank board under the title The Finished Product. Using The Jigsaw Puzzle Box as your reference, recreate the picture in The Finished Product. Moving the pieces is done by clicking on the piece you want to move, thereby selecting it, and then on its destination, which places it. However, you can't place pieces willy-nilly. The pieces around the placed piece must be their corresponding pieces; left, right, above and below.
At any time during play, you can shuffle or reset the pieces, or quit the game - although generally that last option is considered a bad thing to do.