26/02/2075 09:30 hours - The battle between Sigma Corporation and Omicron Incorporated for lunar mining rights begins. Both organisations have mined the Terran moon for two decades, extracting its rare and precious minerals for transport back to Earth. However Sigma Corp has become greedy, and sensing a weakness in their old rival, mounts a surprise lunar attack against the unprepared Omicron Moonbases. The stage is set for a massive power struggle, in which there can be only one victor...

As a Commander in either Sigma Corporation, or Omicron Incorporated, it is your responsibility to safeguard your company's future. To do this you must take control of your company's armed forces, and send them into battle against the enemy. You must take responsibility for resource acquisition, Moonbase expansion and maintenance, force construction, maintenance and deployment. Above all you must order your forces in the heat of battle, and your strategies must work, for the alternative is unthinkable... Are you ready to take up the challenge?


ALIVE MediasoftMoonbases is now available for purchase from ALIVE Mediasoft. For more information visit their website.

The final playable demo, version 1.2b, is now available for download. AGA and graphics card versions are available from this web-site.The new demo is also available from the Aminet at game/demo/Moonbases_demo.lha or game/demo/Moon_RTG_demo.lha.
The AGA demo requires an AGA Amiga, 1 MB FAST RAM, 2 MB hard disk space. The graphics card demo requires an Amiga with a graphics card, Workbench 3.0+, 1 MB CHIP RAM, 2 MB FAST RAM, 1.5 MB hard disk space.A 50 Mhz 68030 processor or better is recommended for the graphics card version.

Date Patch Features
26th May 1999 Moonbases_patch_1-31.lha Fixes the annoying glitch in the in-game wind sound sample, and enhances the English manual with information on modem play.
4th August 1999 Moonbases_patch_1-32.lha Improves the AI behaviour of player controlled units when attacking buildings.
Download the latest patch and decompress into the Moonbases directory on your hard disk (hard disk installation necessary).

Language Translator email
Espagnol Damaso D. Estevez
Norsk Roar Fossen
Svenska Stefan Ohlsson
Download your chosen language pack. Decompress the pack into the Moonbases directory on your hard disk (hard disk installation necessary). Use Moonbases_prefs to choose the language to play in.

If you are interested in translating Moonbases into your native language, please email us at

You can see some screen shots from the low resolution PAL version of the game below, click onthe images to view them at full size.

Screen shot 1 Screen shot 2
Screen shot 3 Screen shot 4

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