My experiences of travelling in Zimbabwe


In no way is this information an accurate and up to date guide. Always buy an up to date travel book for the countries you are visiting.

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My visit to Zimbabwe was sandwiched in between my travels in South Africa. Unfortunately I don't have many photos of Zimbabwe due to the theft of my camera in Johannesburg.


Johannesburg to Bulawayo
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls to Mlibizi
Ferry Journey Up Lake Kariba
Masvingo (Great Zimbabwean Monument)
Back to Bulawayo

I am constantly adding new pages, as time allows. Please bear with me as I endeavour to complete my Zimbabwe diary.
Map Partial map of Zimbabwe showing the above areas (162K)
Full map of Zimbabwe (237K)

Here I have these useful Web links for travellers to, or anyone interested in, Zimbabwe:

Where in Zimbabwe

This is an excellent online resource for anyone planning a visit to Zimbabwe. It is a very well structured site with topics including; Accommodation and Restaurants.

The Zambezi Safari and Travel Co.

Adventure and safari specialists based in Kariba, the Zambezi Valley - Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Travel Focus

Zimbabwe Focus presents an in depth detailed look at Zimbabwe. This is a very graphical and highly informative look at the magic of Zimbabwe. Here the tourist and the merely curious alike can find a wealth of information about this great country and what it has to offer.

Zimbawe Travel Focus - General Information for the traveller

Virtual Zimbabwe

Here you'll find sections on:

Visiting Zimbabwe
Business in Zimbabwe

Internet Service Providers in Zimbabwe

If you are travelling to Zimbabwe and want to stay connected, here are details of Zim ISPs, and more, to help get you online.

UOPenn's Zimbabwe Page

This site in maintained by the University Of Pennsylvania's African Studies Center. It covers all aspects of Zim which may be of interest to students or anyone planning to visit the country. Also here is a useful list of Zimbabwean Internet resources.

David Dyte's Zimbabwean Cricket Page

For any cricket fans out there is this site, based in Australia, David's pages are an ideal reference point for anyone with an interest in Zimbabwean cricket.

The Universal Currency Converter

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