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 October 2001

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Video Cover

MasterWorks International is pleased to announce the release of a video on Polarity Yoga exercise for general sale. This 30 minute professional videotape shows all the fundamental Polarity Yoga exercises and the variations. The exercises are performed by Morag Campbell (RPT) a Polarity teacher and practitioner with 15 years experience. Morag also narrates giving detailed instructions in the correct performance of the exercises demonstrated. This tape is ideal as a review tape for any Polarity Practitioner and it is ideal as a resource for clients. 
PRICE: UK and Europe 14.95 post paid / USA $25 includes airmail shipping.
To purchase this product please......
Bulk discounts are
available please email us for details.

Please view an excerpt from the video showing two exercises.  The "Scissor Kick" and the "Pyramid".  You will need Real Player installed to view this.

If the video doesn't play click here

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