The LFT sound is a new, gritty, underproduced groove, mixing solid dance rhythms with the punch and richness of mutated guitars.

The Low Frequency Tribe have produced a two track promotional cassette in order to gain funds to enable them to commercially release their material.

Plans are underfoot to produce a performance including live video, computer animation, dance, music, and lighting effects. The band hope to tour with this in the summer of '97.

Originally from Bristol, Chris Martin and Tim Peirce set up E Plus Music, the recording and rehearsal studio on the Bristol docks. In the three years of its existence, during the mid eighties, nearly everyone who was anyone passed through its doors.

They first played together as the rhythm section in various underground bands in the eighties, and individually guested on releases from groups such as the Royal Assassins (Fire Records), The Groove Farm (Subway), and The Brilliant Corners. Production and engineering credits include the Seers, Blue Airplanes, WOMAD and the Claytown Troup.