Beard medium diabolo

no sticks 8.25
std sticks 9.95
d/l sticks 10.99

A medium weight diabolo in a great variety of colours each side is a different colour (solid colours are also available). Made of a very soft plastic which is virtually indestructible. Excellent for beginners. Diameter 95mm

Definitely not run of the mill. Much heavier than most diabolos - the centre cones have two angles to ease correction and allow long 'grinds' The profile of the cups offers a large surface area to the audience. Long spinning, we recommend Hi-Spin sticks with this diabolo. Diameter 135mm

Flare 'Glitz' diabolo no sticks 9.50 with sticks 10.95

An excellent diabolo, well balanced with a turned brass centre and the two halves in rigid sparkly plastic. Available in Purple, Green and Silver multicoloured glitter - very good value for money. Diameter 105mm

Flare 'Flex' diabolo no sticks 11.50 with sticks 12.95

This comes from the same mould as the Glitz but is made from a softer, more flexible material. Call for colour availability or just trust our choice.

Diabolo Handsticks Std 1.75 Deluxe 2.74 Hi-Spin Nylon 7.50

Beard Cigar Boxes (coloured) 7.95

Moulded in high impact plastic, It will take the knocks and drops that a wooden one won't. High grip neoprene foam ends. In red, yellow and blue.

Beard Luminous Cigar Boxes 11.95

Very strong glow-in-the-dark cigar boxes. Charge under a bright light and then use them in complete darkness. They also work brilliantly under UV light - the eerie green glow just keeps going.

Juggling Scarves Small 1.60 Large 1.80

A great way to learn - especially for younger children. Air resistance slows down these very light chiffon scarves making gravity seem to disappear.
In Fluoro pink, yellow, green and blue.

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