Andrew Bibby is an independent writer and journalist, who has written widely on the business and social implication of information and communication technologies.

He is the author of a number of books and reports on teleworking. His work appears regularly in the British national press, and he is also a regular contributor to specialist journals and magazines such as Teleworker and Flexible Working. He has given papers at telework conferences in several countries over a number of years.

He is the author of reports prepared for, among others, the International Labour Organisation, the European Commission (DG Information Society), Union Network International and the UK Department of Trade and Industry.

He was a member of the management committee of the Euro-Telework project.

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What's happening to work?

Andrew Bibby writes:

I have a long-standing professional and personal interest in the effects of technological change on work organisation and management and in particular in the issue of telework. I try to make as much of my material available here as possible.

The extended essay Negotiating the New Economy: the Effect of ICT on Industrial Relations was contributed as a background paper to the ILO’s World Employment Report 2001. (For the complete World Employment Report, see

Teleworking:Thirteen Journeys to the Future of Work This web site includes a lengthy extract from my book "Home is Where the Office is: A Practical Handbook for Teleworking from Home" (publ Hodder), examining the advantages and disadvantages of changing to teleworking. Also available on this site are several extracts from "Teleworking: Thirteen Journeys to the Future of Work", (publ Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 1995).

Teleworking and Trade Union Strategy The complete text of the report Teleworking and Trade Union Strategy, is available. This report was written in 1996 for FIET, now part of Union Network International (Uni). Available in German: Gewerkschaften und Telearbeit.

Also written for Uni is the report Organising in Call Centres (2000). This report is also available in French, German and Spanish language versions.

Tackling the Skills Gap My report, "Tackling the Skills Gap: the Shortage of IT specialists in Europe" (2000) is also available in French, German and Swedish language versions. This report was produced for Uni-Europa.

The booklet Working Anywhere, published by the UK government's Department of Trade and Industry, has useful case studies and practical information for British readers (2nd ed, 2000). The text is available here. Note: this file is 750 Kb in size and may be slow to download.

From my recent journalism on the issues raised by teleworking and work reorganisation I have selected the following articles:

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