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Kit Price    52.95 inc. P&P             Replacement Wing     N/A

Type:        Cat 4
Span:       1520mm
Controls:  Ailer/Elev/Flaps(opt)
Av Wt.      900gms
Section:   RG15

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The Enigma was designed in response to requests from the pylon racing fraternity for a 60in EPP pylon racer. With the RG15 wing and Flaperons / Flap Elevator coupling it also makes an excellent sports aerobatic model that maintains speed throughout manoeuvres and will soar in the lightest of winds. The Enigma is capable of sustaining inverted flight and a wide range free style aerobatics including bunts (outside loop), figure of eights, etc. With wing mounted aileron servos lead ballast can be carried in the fuselage under the wing. Construction is similar to that of the Synergy and consists of EPP wings and fuselage with the necessary hardwood / ply reinforcing to absorb the knocks etc.