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Synergy Sport & Synergy Aero

Kit Price    52.95 inc. P&P             Replacement Wing     N/A

Type:        Cat 5/6/7
Span:       1570mm
Controls:  Rud/Ailer/Elev/Flaps(opt)
Av Wt.      1000gms
Section:   Eppler 205 (Sport), Fully sym.(Aero)

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The Synergy is a stylish, advanced EPP (expanded polypropylene) fully aerobatic trainer designed with the aspiring aerobatic pilot in mind. It can be built as a basic three channel rudder elevator aileron model or fitted with twin aileron servos. The later offers the potential to greatly enhance the performance by using the ailerons as flaperons and coupling them with the elevator. Synergy is capable of most aerobatic manoeuvres and is particularly good at outside loops and sustained inverted flight due to the fully symmetrical wing section.Construction consists of an EPP wing and fuselage with a Correx fin and tailplane. Ply fuselage doublers and spruce wing spars are used to reinforce the structure and give it the necessary rigidity to absorb normal aerodynamic loads and the 'odd' arrival !!! Build time is relatively short at 4 to 8 hours.


EPP has revolutionised slope soaring. It has encouraged numerous 'wannabe' model flyers to take up the sport/hobby. The quick build time and improved crash resistance has taken a lot of the heartache out of model flying. Synergy is a follow on from our FUN-Start basic trainer and the Quizling intermediate trainer. Synergy will also be available in due course with a sports aerobatic wing.