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Rogues Gallery    

Here's a selection of photographs collected through the many years of enjoying our hobby. This is not meant to be a definitive chronicle and we apologise for those who are not included, especially new friends. If you would like your favourite picture included in the Rogues Gallery send it to us and if we like it we will post it on line.

BUT. Remember, the Rogues Gallery is a secret !!!

oldstan.jpg (31845 bytes)

Humble beginnings.....

dart-gat.jpg (40230 bytes)

A motley crew

show.jpg (78681 bytes)

The Full Monty

lasthours.jpg (21381 bytes)

A perfect day

westbury.jpg (36888 bytes)

Westbury White Horse, BRILL HILL !!!

vine1.jpg (45312 bytes)

Steve 'I'm sure Stan can do it' Vine

crash.jpg (37434 bytes)

Nuff said.

tp&tp.jpg (31737 bytes)

Dartmoor c. 1981

shorts.jpg (41529 bytes)

Eat my shorts, man !

wing1.jpg (56625 bytes)

Another proud owner

wingp.jpg (46108 bytes)

Wingbat P !!!

mend.jpg (44938 bytes)

Thank god for cyano !

sunset.jpg (15725 bytes)

Dartmoor sunset

kidenc.jpg (41039 bytes)

Never too young

perry.jpg (20255 bytes)

See her fly

vinegogg.jpg (23072 bytes)

He's a bit keen !

cockpit.jpg (33797 bytes)

Engine ?

hnglid.jpg (30856 bytes)

Don't want to do that !

fullsize.jpg (34159 bytes)

Fly like the birds.

arrow.jpg (49998 bytes)

Future EPP Model ?

stanbea.jpg (27218 bytes)

Nude shot

stansie.jpg (58197 bytes)

Great hair !

mod-70s.jpg (25902 bytes)

70's Winter Soaring 

stangrad.jpg (45224 bytes)

The PMP brains

stanrun.jpg (41595 bytes)

Working on the brawn.