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Wingbat/Wingbat +

Kit Price    37.75/42.95             Replacement Wing     N/A

Type:        Cat 3/7
Span:       1125/1450mm
Controls:  Aileron/Elevator
Av Wt.      740/1000gms
Section:   NACA 2R2

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These models may look similar but their performance is not. Both are very stable’ yet responsive and highly aerobatic. They can perform outside loops and fly inverted with ease. The Wingbat + stays up in light winds and could double as an aileron trainer whilst the smaller Wingbat is very quick and devours strong winds, it has been flown, un-ballasted, in winds gusting up to 60mph (100kph). Both models feature die-cut ply fuselage sides and foam veneer wings. Mechanical (kit available) or electronic control mixing can be used.