at the Individual and Planetary Levels
27TH AUGUST 2003
– 12.11 CET (W. EUROPE) – 13.11 EET (E. EUROPE) -
- 06.11 EDT – 05.11 CDT - 04.11 MDT - 03.11 PDT (USA) -
- 18.11 AWST – 19.41 ACST - 20.11 AEST (AUSTRALIA) -

Meditation Guidelines
It is suggested that you tape this meditation if you are doing it alone, and play it back, so you may relax more fully into it.
If working in a group, it should be memorised and spoken by the facilitator.

Sitting upright (or standing if in a group, with hands linked), with your feet firmly planted on the floor/ground (not cross-legged) in order to maximise your capacity for grounding these powerful energies.

Take three normal relaxing breaths, breathing into your heart centre, and out down through your body into the Earth. Then allow your breath to deepen into its own natural rhythm, as you continue to breathe into your heart and out and down through your body into the Earth. Feel each breath extending deeper into your body and deeper into the Earth.

6-pointed star tetrahedron
Visualise yourself (or group) standing in the middle of a six-pointed Star of Light on the earth. As you breathe in, extend one triangle of the star upwards to a point above you, creating a gold three-sided pyramid (tetrahedron).
With the breath, extend the other triangle to a point downwards into the earth, creating a silver/white three-sided pyramid (tetrahedron).
Continuing, with the breath, draw the two pyramids together, sinking the upper one downwards and drawing the lower one upwards to create a star-tetrahedron, with you at the centre.
Gently begin to rotate the two pyramids. The gold (upper) one clockwise and the silver (lower) one counter-clockwise, allowing them to find their own speed, the upper one rotating about three times faster than the lower one.

The Lion and the Swan
Focussing on the upper pyramid, draw its golden light into your heart centre, and breathe it out simultaneously down into the earth and up out through your crown centre (at the top of your head) and beyond.
With each in-breath of golden light feel that you are drawing in the radiant solar energy of the Lion. Feel every cell in your body resonating with its richness and abundance, as it aligns you with your Solar origins, and with the Divine creative force behind the Sun.
With each out-breath, feel the Divine Solar radiance permeating the very structure of the Earth herself, so that the Earth begins to glow within a golden aura of Light.
Then begin to focus your attention on the downward pointing pyramid of silver light.
With each in-breath draw down from high above your crown centre a clear stream of silver/white light of Swan energy, woven around by clear pale electric-blue light (of Uranus), and a rich magenta/pink (highest frequencies of Mars).
Draw down this stream of inter-woven light frequencies through your crown centre to the pineal gland at the centre of your brain. Focus the light there for a few moments, then send it with your breath downwards to your heart- centre.
As it unites with the golden Lion energy at the heart-centre, the two frequencies unite in a kaleidoscope of multi-coloured light, radiating as a starburst outwards in all directions from your heart-centre, surrounding you in an egg-shaped multi-coloured aura within the star tetrahedron.
Continue to breathe down these combined light frequencies to the energy centre below your navel (the Hara), where they focus into a sphere of light which expands with each breath until it fills your lower abdominal area. As you do this, feel that you are anchoring the creative frequencies of Mars as a magenta/pink flame of light at the centre of the sphere, as the pale electric-blue Uranian frequency simultaneously dissolves any old, negative, destructive patterns of Mars’ energy from around the flame.
Then continue breathing the combined interwoven colour frequencies down through your feet, to the centre of the Earth, where they form a flame of light at the heart of the Earth - with the silver/white at the centre of the flame, surrounded by the clear electric-blue, then the magenta/pink and finally the pure golden solar light around the outside.
With every breath the flame expands and extends outwards and upwards until the tip touches your feet, then moves up to surround your body and on up and out until it extends to contain the whole Earth.
Let your breath become one with the Breath of the Earth, as the Earth breathes life into the flame around herself, and into the flame within your Hara centre below your navel, all breathing and resonating together. Let the Earth breathe you in stillness and silence for a few minutes…..
Within the silence, listen for the sound of the Hara flame in resonance with the Earth flame, then sing it out with clarity, beauty and power three times (or more).
As the sound subsides, bring your whole attention back into the flame within the Hara, and allow your awareness of all the other frequencies around you to dissolve from your awareness.
Rest your breath into the Hara flame. Then breathe it down into the ground beneath your feet, and kneel down to touch your forehead onto the Earth.
Let Blessing Be, and So It Is.