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[The Three States]

The Three States
by Alistair Campbell

This refers to the Hindu concept of waking trance and deep sleep. Also called the Atlantean Cross it hinges on the experience of crossing over, this world into that, hence the frog-voltigeur, the bat neither one thing nor another and the voudoun god of the crossroads - Baron Samedi. The eggs falling into the 'ocean' are the seeds of life from cosmos father sky into world mother earth.

[Self Portrait]

Self Portrait (1980 e.v.)
by Alistair Campbell

Every body should take LSD at least once before they die.

[Shiva and Shakti]

Shiva & Shakti (Winter 1983e.v.)
by Alistair Campbell

This is about sacrifice. Shiva is the sacrificial hare, the bird of prey (nature) which feeds from, the transmutation into the spiritual being Shiva known by hir eye and personalized by the magickal thunderbird ring. Shakti (Shadette) is the mouse and the owl feeding as the buzzard is solar, the owl is lunar. The transmutation is into NUIT ISIS unveiled. Death is the price to pay for life.

[Adoration of the Queen of Space]

Adoration of the Queen of Space (Winter 1983 e.v.)
by Alistair Campbell

This is the smallest self portrait I have ever done. The white mummy on top of the pyramid is Shivayin - what is left of me after my years Invocation to PAN. This has been arrived at by the using up of my life's blood for that year, the mountains at the side are composed of the bones, time sacrificed in a ritual of this gravity.

This put me forever in touch with THE GREAT UNKNOWN, the queen of space, maat, the spider of spells time is the first avatar to appear to me in this plane.

[Lead into Gold (initiation)]

Lead into Gold (initiation) (Spring 1983 e.v.)
by Alistair Campbell

This is a visual working of the culmination of Liber Astarte. A year's Invocation to a deity - in this case PAN, 131 is shown by the twin pillars of Sot, with the fire (black within them i.e. | 3(fire) | ). The initiate's change is shown by the peacock, it's side view alludes to the secretiveness of the invocations. The Magickal Seal of the O.T.O, the auspices the invocation was practices under shows the sanctity of the rite.

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