Liberty Captions


The Black Rose (Winter-Spring 1982)
by Alistair Campbell

Directly inspired by a poem of my wife's, it seeks to convey voidness suggested by the giant clam and nautelus growing out of both our heads is their for ancientness. Our magickal mottos are incorporated in Qabalistic phraseology.

by Alistair Campbell

The Holy Name of the Great Unknown. A composite term, Hindu-Shiva Ayin-eye in Hebrew = The Eye of Shiva. East = West - when I open my third eye the cosmos is turned to chaos. The root which is PAN and Hir vision.

Kadath, The Cold Waste (Spring 1982)
by Alistair Campbell

This is Ann again as an avatar for communication with extra terrestial intelligence. The bier she is on is part of the vehicle of communication.

IshMAATar (1982 e.v.)
by Alistair Campbell

This is a painting about time, the main idea to think about here is vultures and Saturn.

Columbine (1981 e.v.)
by Alistair Campbell

This image is one of two inspired by a poem of my wife's about the polarity of this couple. Both images are pregnant with symbolism.

by Alistair Campbell

Fertility Manifest.

Evocation of Absence (Winter 1981-82 e.v.)
by Alistair Campbell

In my offering I set myself adoringly. The minotaur always means masturbation to me. This is about the ultimate VIIIo working the pure spirit giving to the void. The significance of doves here has resonances with a previous mystical visitation involving someone called Mary.

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