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Oil Spillage

Iggy Pop
by Alistair Campbell

I was asked to do a painting of James by some friends who are also fans. I always think of Iggy as being like a panther on stage every time I've seen him. It was easy to paint him as a cat (jaguar) in the same way/vein as his friend David Bowie on the Diamond Dog's cover. I sent a copy to Iggy and he sent me a christmas card, one of my most precious possessions.

Shadow of the Cornfield
by Alistair Campbell

Van Gogh took his own life at 37, at 31 I had the same dilemma. The spirit of the wolf saved me and my soulstone Jonah bore me through the dark night of the celaphopodinous soul.

Hoor-Par Kraat
by Alistair Campbell

My first pet, Klee, taught me how to love unconditionally. My son, Seth, the firstborn of ISIS came into being, Klee left his body once my lesson was ingrained. The meeting of transmutation is always a secret. The dark child.

The Demon Margaret Thatcher
by Alistair Campbell

I had a dream about a malevolent demon and it was the intelligence that governed Margaret Thatcher. Her earnings are the world and this is how she sees things.

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