Liberty Captions



by Alistair Campbell

The 12th path or kala attributed to the planet Mercury whose number is 260. The point where self consciousness becomes for the very first time in the DNA of Earth.


by Alistair Campbell

The 20th tunnel. His number is 131, the number of Samael, a name of Satan or Set as Guardian of the Threshold. It is also the number of Pan and of Baphomet, the idol adored of the Templars.


by Alistair Campbell

The 13th path - Lunar Kala, her number is 393. The crossing from one dimension to another, the voltiguer, the blood of life menstrual mother.

[Billy's Picture]

Billy's Picture
by Billy

Billy's mother haunts him. She has cracked the diamond of his genius.

Elemental (Winter 1983 e.v.)
by Alistair Campbell

A sexually active spirit pulled out of the aether and concretized la Miro.

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