Power ACOL

Power ACOL was invented by Ron Klinger.
Last update: 18-Jan-2003
On this page I give a summary of the Power ACOL system as we play it.

Opening bids:

1: 11-20 points, 4card suit, rule of 20.

1NT: 12-14 (Stayman, Jacoby, 2=trf to /)

2: 20-22 with any good suit, or 23-24 NT hand

2: strong, GF, 23+ or 25+ NT hand

2: weak-2, 6-11, 6card (sometimes 5card with 5card minor)

2NT: 21-22, (Puppet Stayman and transfers, 3=minor suit Stayman)

3NT: solid 7card minor with nothing else

Special responses:

1 - 2: 10-12, any distribution, denies 4card biddable on 1 level

1-2: 10+, 4+card support, Forcing

1 - 2: 13+, GF any distribution (but note exception on next line)

1x-jump shift to 2 level: 13+, GF, good 6card suit

1x-jump shift to 3 level: not forcing, 7-card, 6-10 points

1x-3x: preemptive, 4+card support, 5-9 HCP, 8 losers

1x-4x: preemptive

1/-2NT: 8-12 points with at least 5-5 in the minors

1/-2NT: a GF splinter raise (3relay: asks for singleton / void)

1x-double jump shift: splinter (1-3NT shows singleton in SPADES)

1-3 or 1-3NT: void splinter, 4card support, 12-15 points (next step asks void)

1-3: void splinter, but 1-3: splinter with singleton HEART

NT rebids by opener after 1-over-1:

E.g.: 1-1, 1NT: 15-18

General principles are: all invites go through 2; 2 are weak (5-7); 2NT is a puppet and 3 level bids are GF.

1-1, 1NT-2: responder can invite game with checkback, Opener rebids:

1-1, 1NT-2: 6-7, not forcing

1-1, 1NT-2NT: puppet to 3, weak with suit or GF in other suit:

1-1, 1NT-3: GF, 5-5 or 6-5

1-1, 1NT-3: GF with 4+card support

1-1, 1NT-3: GF with 6+card

1-1, 1NT-2: reverse by responder is GF with 4-4 distribution

1x-1y, 2NT: 19-20, GF, unbid 4card major / raise is possible, further bidding is natural

(In general it is not necessary to open 1NT with a 5-card major. After 1-1, opener can raise with 3card support or bid a strong minor on a 3card.)

Opener rebids after 1x-2:

2: any minimum

2NT: 15+, balanced

other non-jump bids: 14+ points

3//NT: 6-5 distribution, non-minimum hand

Opener rebids after 1x-2:

all non-jumps are natural, 2NT=15+

3//NT: 6-5 distribution, non-minimum hand

1-2, 2: 5card, may have other 4card

1-2, 3: 5-5

But 1-2, 3: 5 and 4+ suit!

Opener rebids after 2-2NT:

3//: maximum, values in suit bid

3: minimum

3NT: AKQxxx

Slam bidding

Roman Key Card Blackwood (0/3, 1/4, 2 without, 2 with trump queen).

After RKC, 5NT asks for remaining Kings and a new suit is control ask.

Responses to control ask after RKC:

step1: no control or AKQ
step2: Q or AK
step3: K or AQ
step4: A or KQ

After RKC and 5/ response, next step asks for trump queen, deny with lowest trump bid.

5NT as response to 4NT (RKC): 2 keycards and a void.

Jump to 5 in new suit is Voidwood: asks key cards outside the suit bid (same responses as RKC).

Cue bid: ASKS for a control, next step denies, other steps are RKC.

In GF auction, with suit set in major on 3-level, 3NT is RKC.

When a minor has been agreed on the 3-level, 4 in the minor is RKC.

Defensive Bidding