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News for 4th August 1999

Moonbases Patch 1.32 Released
A patch improving the AI behaviour in Moonbases is now available from the Moonbases page

News for 26th May 1999

Moonbases Patch Released
A patch enhancing the release version of Moonbases is now available from the Moonbases page

News for 24th May 1999

Swedish Moonbases Translation Pack
The Swedish translation pack for Moonbases is now available from the Moonbases page

News for 21st May 1999

Moonbases Released
Moonbases is now available for purchase from ALIVE Mediasoft. More details available from the ALIVE Mediasoft homepage

Moonbases Translation Packs Released
Translation packs enabling users to play Moonbases in Spanish and Norwegian are now available from the Moonbases page

News for 27th April 1999

Moonbases Saved!
We are pleased to announce that Moonbases is now being published by ALIVE Mediasoft. More details are on the Moonbases page

News for 20th April 1999

Moonbases Publication Update
Negotiations are in progress with a new publisher for Moonbases, following the cancellation of future Amiga titles by Verkosoft

News for 4th February 1999

Moonbases Publication Continues
Contact with Verkosoft has been re-established, and the publication of Moonbases is back on track

News for 29th January 1999

Help Get Moonbases Published
Moonbases currently has an uncertain future... if you want to see Moonbases published, email Verkosoft at VKS@verkosoft.de and tell them so

News for 18th December 1998

Final Moonbases Demo Released
The final version of the Moonbases demo is available on the Moonbases page

News for 25th November 1998

Moonbases Translators Wanted
If you are interested in translating Moonbases to your native language, visit the Moonbases page

News for 28th September 1998

New Salvage Artwork Released
New graphics from our forthcoming game Salvage have been released

News for 21st September 1998

New Moonbases Demo Released
The latest Moonbases demo has been released! Features include improved graphics and a graphics card version. More information on the Moonbases page

News for 15th September 1998

New Moonbases Screenshots Released
The Moonbases graphics have received a facelift. New screenshots can be found on the Moonbases page

News for 17th June 1998

Assassin Demo Released
Aszart have released a demo of Assassin. This can be found, together with new screenshots, on the Assassin page

News for 9th June 1998

First Salvage Art-work Published
The first art-work from our forthcoming game, Salvage, is on the Salvage page

News for 1st June 1998

Moonbases Beta-Testers Required
Beta-testers are required to test the 2 player serial and modem link-up options in Moonbases. More details are on the Moonbases page

News for 22nd May 1998

Aszart Announces New PC Game - Assassin
Details and screen shots of Aszart's new first-person perspective espionage game are now on the Assassin page

News for 19th May 1998

Moonbases Playable Demo Released
The Moonbases demo is now available... more information on the Moonbases page

News for 15th April 1998

Moonbases Publisher Announced
A publication deal for Moonbases has been signed with Verkosoft... more information is on their web site at http://www.verkosoft.de/moon.htm

News for 31st March 1998

Homegrown Software Unveils New Website
We are very proud to open our new website, designed by Visuatrox

Meet the New Team
Following our recruitment drive, we can now introduce the new team which will be working on our next game

News for 25th February 1998

New Software Developer Announces First Game
Homegrown Software announces its first Amiga game, Moonbases

Homegrown Software Searching For New Team Members
Homegrown Software announces its recruitment drive for talented new team members

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