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Andrew Bibby - selected journalism

I am a professional writer and journalist. I contribute regularly to The Observer, and my work has also appeared in International Herald-Tribune, The Independent, The Guardian and many other British national newspapers and magazines. I am the author of a number of books, including several on the subject of teleworking. I have selected some of my recent journalism for this web site.

Financial protection for UK credit unions (Observer, 2002)
Woodland burials (Choice, 2002)
Insurance holocaust claims (Observer, 2002)
Trying to save the Robin Hood pub (Observer, 2001)
Doing without a car (Observer, 2001)
Buying on-line — protection for UK consumer (Choice, 2001)
How to find an environmentally friendly mortgage (The Observer, 2000)
Staying green from the cradle to the grave (The Observer, 2000)
A new currency in south London: the arrival of 'time money' in Lewisham (The Observer, 2000)
How Couples manage, or don't manage, their money (The Observer, 1999)
Is 'Philanthropy' still in the Dictionary? (The Observer, 1999)
Car sharers save money - but can they agree about furry dice? (The Observer, 1996)
These moors are ours (Rambling Today, 1995)
The ice-axe man cometh (The Independent, 1995)
The rich who want to give their wealth away (The Independent, 1994)

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