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The body of spiritual knowledge known as Buddhism, or more correctly as The Dharma, has been practised by a significant proportion of mankind for 2500 years. It has its origins in the teachings of the Buddha, the "Enlightened One", who, far from inventing its doctrines, is said to have rediscovered these primordial truths - the truths of suffering, of the cause of suffering, and of the path of Dharma which leads to its ending in the awakened state of primordial wisdom and compassion, known to Buddhists as Enlightenment. In the course of its long history the Dharma spread throughout Asia and in particular became deeply rooted in Tibet, where in its Mahayana form (which emphasises the need of an open-hearted resolve to attain Enlightenment for the sake of others) its teachings have been faithfully passed down the generations to the present time. They are preserved as living spiritual traditions within four Orders, of which His Holiness Sakya Trizin is the Patriarch of one: the Sakyapa. In this capacity His Holiness is known to countless followers throughout the world as a wise and compassionate teacher of these ancient doctrines.


The Editor of this site, Martyn Samuel, will be happy to consider the inclusion of any material relating to His Holiness Sakya Trizin's Dharma activities, or news of other Sakyapa events of general interest to worldwide viewers.