The Nemedians

by Michael Moorcock


(Note: This is chapter 5 in a round-robin story started by a Robert E. Howard story fragment, you can find a synopsis for the whole of the short story sequence at the A.E. van Vogt web site. This synopsis is is borrowed, with permission, from that site.)

Months later, Ghor and a small group of troops make a raid on a caravan in the Southern areas. The caravan was a contingent of Hyrkanian mercenaries who had abducted the three children of a Nemedian prince - two sons and a daughter. Ghor takes a fancy to the daughter - Shanara - rapes her, and takes her as his wife. The two brothers, though thankful for their rescue, are not grateful for the treatment Shanara received at the hands of Ghor, but explain their plight to him nonetheless. Their kingdom of Nemedia is under siege by the Picts, and the regent is near death causing a dynastic emergency. Their father, Garak, and uncle Ushilon are two generals; Ushilon is jealous of his brother's popularity and hired the Hyrkanians to kill Garak's wife and kidnap his children. They solicit Ghor's help, and Hialmar hears that they would be rewarded with gold and luxury. Hialmar agrees, so the Æsir ally themselves with the Nemedians.

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