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The month has been dominated by high pressure brining a lot of settled, often cloudy conditions. No severe weather around during the month.


Rainfall for the month was only 17.2mm and this was  -66.9mm from the 10 year average. Temperatures were slightly lower than the averages. Temperatures were:-  7.5C (-0.4 From average), Min 2.3C (-0.4C) and a mean of 4.9C (-0.4C).




1ST - 5TH

Settled with high pressure. Mostly cloudy.


6TH - 12TH

High pulled away to allow a low to move down the north sea. Pressure built again from the wqest from the 9th and the week ended with a weak front moving east.


13TH - 19TH

Active fronts moved eastward from the Atlantic. Very active cold front bought 13.8MM on the 15th. Low over Scotland on the 16th. The rest of the week saw further fronts bringing showery rain.


20TH - 26TH

High pressure over the north with a cold blast from the east along the south flank of it. Fronts moved westwards as the week went on bringing some snow showers. Very windy at times.


The wind turned northerly behind a cold front to end a cold month. Snow showers moved in.

Rainfall for the month was 56.6mm and this was  -2.4mm from the 10 year average. It has been the coldest February since 1997. Temperatures were:-  6.7C (-24 From average), Min 1.1C (-1.7C) and a mean of 3.9C (-1.8C).

 WINTER SUMMARY (Dec 2005- Feb 2006)

WINTER  2005/06

Overall a colder W INTER - The coldest since 1996. Rainfall amounts down again. Some slight snowfalls at the end of February.

This Winter has had the lowest average minimum since my records began. 

                                                                                                MM          INCHES         

THE WINTER RAINFALL IS=                                          166            6.53   

WHAT WE SHOULD OF HAD=                                     249.5          9.82

10YR AVE 91-00 UP OR DOWN ON AVERAGE=     -   83.5        - 3.29                    


1990  December N\A   jan\feb=    228            9.12                                                          

1991/2                           215            8.60

1992/3                           152            6.08

1993/4                           171.5          6.86 

1994/5                           438           17.52 

1995/6                           383           15.32

1996/7                           140.8          5.54

1997/8                           245.2          9.65

1998/9                           237.6          9.35

1999/0                           280.6         11.04

2000/1                           288.8         11.37

2001/2                           269.4         10.60

2002/3                           256.4         10.09

2003/4                           267.4         10.52  

2004/5                           171.8          6.76    


                                                                                            MAXc     MINc      MEANc

AVERAGE TEMPERATURES=                                              7.4      1.7        4.5

WHAT WE SHOULD OF HAD=                                            8.3      3.1        5.7

10YR AVE 91-00  UP OR DOWN ON AVERAGES=          - 0.9    - 1.4      - 1.2


1991 N/A     NO DECEMBER  1990   

                                  Ma     Mi       Me                          

1992/3                      8.4      2.4        5.4 

1993/4                      8.2      3.8        6.0   

1994/5                      8.0      3.0        5.5

1995/6                      9.8      4.2        7.0

1996/7                      6.6      2.0        4.3

1997/8                      6.7      2.3        4.5

1998/9                      9.2      3.6        6.4

1999/0                      8.9      3.5        6.2 

2000/1                      9.3      3.0        6.1 

2001/2                      9.4      3.4        6.4

2002/3                      8.3      3.2        5.7

2003/4                      9.0      3.3        6.2

2004/5                      9.1      3.1        6.1    



Avery cold month generally despite the mild end to it. Although a mild start to the month the temperatures dropped due to a large area of high pressure with raw winds coming in from the east or north east. Much milder and wetter to end the month as a succession of lows with fronts moved in of the Atlantic.

Average temperatures were:  Max 9.5C, the coldest since 1996. Min 2.8C the coldest since 1995 and the mean was the lowest on record with 6.1C.

Rainfall was 30.6MM above the average with rainfall for the month being 85.8MM.



Pressure was high throughout the month with only weak fronts crossing the south of the UK. There was 5 air frosts at the start of the month making this the highest on record for April. Rainfall amounts have been low with the wettest day being 4MM on the 2nd. No day in the month had a maximum above 18.1C as there was no southerlies all month.

Rainfall was only 21.4MM (0.84") making this the lowest rainfall for April since records began. It was also 63.2MM below the average.

Temperatures were near averages with a Max of 13.9C (+.6C), Min 4.9C (-.4C) and the mean was 9.4C (+.1C)


A very unsettled month with rain at various times. Low pressure dominated with a record low of 987.7mb on the 21st. There was 5 days with gales during the windiest May since my records began. The wettest day was on the 25th with 18.2mph. The highest temperature was only 22,7C on the 11th. The last day of the month saw a record minimum of only 2.3C making this the latest last ground frost on record.

Rainfall was 88MM and was 32.9MM above the long term average.

Temperatures were: Max 16.6C (minus 1.0C from average), Min 7.8C (minus .3C) and the mean was 12.2C (minus .7C)  



Above average rainfall for March and May with April having very little rainfall. Overall the coolest Spring since 1996. Rainfall for the period was spot on the average for the Spring.

                                                 MM      INCHES

THE SPRING RAINFALL IS=              195.2        7.68

WHAT WE SHOULD OF HAD=         194.8        7.66

UP OR DOWN ON AVERAGE=         + 00.4        + .02 


1990 60.5        2.42

1991 185         7.40

1992 158.5      6.34

1993 201.5       8.06

1994 223.5       8.94

1995 159         6.36

1996 183.2       7.21

1997 133         5.23

1998 237.4      9.34

1999 228.6      9.00

2000 240.2      9.45

2001 215.6      8.48

2002 210.4      8.28

2003 151.4     5.96

2004 142.2     5.59

2005 222.6     8.76

                                                          MAXc         MINc         MEANc

AVERAGE TEMPERATURES=     13.3               5.1                     9.2

WHAT WE SHOULD OF HAD=  14.0               6.0                     10.0

UP OR DOWN ON AVERAGES=   - .7              - .9                       - .8 


1991       13.9            5.6              9.7

1992       14.3            6.3             10.3

1993       14.1            6.5             10.3

1994       13.1            6.1               9.6

1995       13.6            5.3               9.4

1996       12.8            4.8               8.8

1997       15.5            6.3              10.9

1998       14.8            6.7              10.7

1999       14.8            6.9              10.8

2000       13.6            5.6               9.6

2001       13.6            5.3               9.4

2002       14.0            5.7               9.8

2003       15.2            5.2              10.2

2004       14.7            5.3              10.0

2005       14.2            5.6                9.9



Very settled month with only 5 days with rainfall. High pressure mostly in control with lots of warm sunshine. The highest temperatures came at the start of the month with a high of 25.9C on the 3rd. However, the minimum on the 1st dropped to 3.4C. The 9th was a very interesting day with very low humidity of just 35% and gales from the east, all with glorious unbroken sunshine (the perfect day for drying washing, if you can keep it on the line!).  By the 25th we had only 8.4MM in the last 33 days and the ground was very dry. The 26th was the wettest June day on record with 44MM of thundery rain falling in the early hours. The month ended settled and very warm.

It has been the perfect holiday maker's month.

Rainfall was 52.4MM and was minus 9.7MM from the long term average.

Temperatures were: The Maximum of 22.0C (+ 2.1C from average) was the highest since June 1992, Min 10.5C (minus .2C) and the mean was 10.5C (+ .9C)  


Very settled July with 16 days during the month having a maximum above 25C. The hottest July day on record came on the 19th with 31.4C. The wettest day was 6.4MM on the 23rd and there was a total of 9 days with rainfall.

Rainfall was only 27.8MM and this was minus 18.1MM from the average.

Temperatures were:- Max 25.1C (+3.4C), Min 13.2C (+0.3C), and the Mean was 19.2C (+1.9C)

The maximum average of 25.1C was the highest since records began. The mean was the 2nd highest on record. 


A lot of cloud around this August and this has meant a cooler month then average. Rainfall was on the low side again as only weak fronts crossed our region.

Rainfall was only 35.8MM and this was minus 42.6MM from the average.

Temperatures were:- Max 21C (-.3C), Min 12.7C (-.3C), and the Mean was 16.8C (-.3C)


June and July were the best months with hot sunshine especially in July when we had some record breaking temperatures. August was not so good. A lot of dry weather.

Rainfall was only 116MM and this was minus 70.2MM from the average.

Temperatures were:- Max 22.7C (+1.8C), Min 12.1C (-.1C), and the Mean was 17.4C (+1.0C)


This September has been very settled with high pressure dominating for most of it. However we did have some low pressure to end the month but we had a southerly wind making it feel unusually warm. It was at one point towards the third week that it was going to be a record dry month but the rains at the end of the month finished this off. Overall a very dry warm month.

Rainfall was only 29.4MM and this was minus 56MM from the long term average of 85.4MM.

Temperatures were all RECORD BREAKING FOR SEPTEMBER with a Max of 21.7C (+3.7C), Min 12.3C (+1.5C) and the Mean was 16.7C (+2.3C) 


Another very mild month due to the Southwesterly flow. Here in the South West it has been very unsettled due to the proximity of the lows that have tracked up from the south. 

It has turned out to be the wettest month of the year so far with 102.6MM falling and this was 8.8MM above the average.

Temperatures have been exceptionally high again with an average Max of 16.7C (+2.8C), Min 10.8C (+2.8C) and the Mean was 13.6C (+2.8C)  


A fine sunny start to the month with a continuous 7 days with unbroken sunshine. The rest of the month was unsettled with rain bands moving across from the south west. Some vigorous lows at the end of the month. 

Temperatures have been high again with an average Max of 12.9C (+2.4C), Min 4.0C (-1.2C) and the Mean was 8.3C (+.5C)  

Rainfall was 81.4MM -21.6MM from average



Maximum was 17.1C and this was 3C above the long term average. Minimum was 8.9C (+1.0C) and the Mean was 12.8C (+1.8C.

Rainfall was 213.4MM -68.9MM from the average



Very unsettled month with lots of low pressure around. Rain fell on 22 days and 11 days were totally cloudy. Dry weather around Christmas time with a pressure rise to 1044.4 on the 21st. Unsettled end to the month with gales.

Another mild month with a Max of 10C (+2C), Min 4.4C (+1.3C) and the Mean was 7.2C (+1.6C)

Rainfall was 82.4mm and this was 23.9mm down from the average   



All number of days with:-

37 air frosts, 48 ground frosts only, 85 total frosts, 4 fog, 44 gales, 9 hail, 15 lightning, 6 sleet, 5 snow, 45 cloudy, 18 full sunny, 194 dry and 171 wet.

Rainfall was only 680.8MM and this was minus 232.6MM. Temperatures were Max 15.3C (+1C), Min 7.2C (0C) and the mean was 11.2C (+.4C)