Sioban Piercy


The artist is an art college graduate of the late 1970s and has in recent years start making prints. The pivotal piece was The Second Passion in 1989 and pointed the way to the work for the next five years or more. She had finally discovered a way of using printmaking that was both painterly and reasonably immediate. It also included the juxtaposition of figure and animal. This theme of opposing forces, of phychological tensions is something that has remained important to her ever since.

She sees her work as a continual search for more effective ways to represent her fundamental concepts, a search for images that are both personal and archetypal, for pictoral narratives that communicate something of human experience. These preoccupations have always been important to her work, and while they are continually refined and modified, they are still intrinsically the same as when she began in her career and does not imagine that she will stop that search.


The background of this page is an embossed image of a colour print by her Fear of Being Alone (30" X 45")


(She is also my sister!)


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