Caribbean Crisis

by Desmond Reid

Desmond Reid

Caribbean Crisis is Michael Moorcock's first published novel, a volume in the Sexton Blake library, little more than a chapbook. It has become a rarity that is very difficult to track down and can sell for anything up to $100. A collaboration with Jim Cawthorn, that was revised by the editor of the series in which it appeared.

Caribbean Crisis is by no means a true representation of Moorcock's work, so if you've never read Moorcock before and want to know what his work is like then this is not the place to start. This is a work more of curiousity value to the Moorcock fanatic, a fun story without a great deal of depth.

There is little, if any chance, of it being published again, but through this medium it can be made available free of charge. I intend to publish it as a serial, one chapter at a time in a weekly schedule, as it seems structured perfectly to do this. Hopefully one day The Nomads of the Time Streams (the Michael Moorcock appreciation society) will make it available in a more permanent form, for those who still want a physical copy.

A Caribbean Crisis


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