Graham Joyce

The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy is both an uncomfortable and highly enjoyable novel, one which exposes the more often than not grotesque journey between childhood and adolescence. Joyce weaves a wonderful tale around one of the most unlikely of the childhood figures, that of the Tooth Fairy, and deftly creates a dark coming of age story with a pervading sense of black humour that doesn't undermine the story being told. If anything it makes it all the more compelling, piling on horror after horror whilst never overstretching the credulity of the reader, keeping it within a sense of realism with a twist. The horrors are not those of our worst nightmares, rather extrapolations of those of adolescence, and they are all the more powerful for it. The Tooth Fairy herself is a facinating character, not merely a horrific presence, but a real character that grows as the novel progresses. Never far from the proceedings, the presence of the Tooth Fairy hovers always in the background, endlessly unpredictable and determined to cause as much chaos as possible. Overall, an original and well developed novel that would make a great addition to anyone's reading pile.

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