Tanith Lee

Night's Master

This is a novel set in the shadowy world between Earth from the Underearth, lorded over by the Night's Master, a demonic figure who spreads fear and confusion throughout the Earth. It is a colourful patchwork built from smaller stories that combine together to create the whole, and though the smaller stories themselves are satisfying it is the greater unifying tapestry that is most impressive. Lee manages to weave a story both invigorating and magical, but never whimsical, for her fantastic visions are darker than those you usually come across. Tragedy is a common theme throughout, and many of the stories end in tragedy, though often with a later reconciliation. As it comes to its closing passages the momentum that carried the story onwards is exposed for what it truly was and the Night's Master is left to make a decision that comes about through his earlier actions.

A beautifully written collection of fables that flows seamlessly, building into a work of great power that stays with you long after you have read it. Definately a book to be savoured more than once and one that should find a comfortable place on many shelves.

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