Thomas Tessier


Fogheart is both a ghost story and a psychological thriller, though the move is a transitional one through the novel. It begins with the story of two bereaved couples, where one of the partners has been visited by the ghost of a loved one, and the story really begins to take off when the two couples start visiting a medium. The book becomes more complex as it progresses, and it slowly becomes clear that most of the characters have secrets that are slowly brought to light. This creates an air of tension that is sustained throughout almost the whole of the book, though its one real weakness lies in the transition from ghost story to thriller in the final segment of the book. Either would have worked on their own, though together they don't quite gel as well as they could have, and at this point the novel is slightly bogged down by its own complexity. Despite this the novel is definitely recommended, for the story is inventive and original even if it does lose direction a little towards the end.

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