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At the suggestion of people on the Rootsweb DEVON-L Mailing List, some of us have volunteered to make available to enquirers what information we have about the past inhabitants of a particular village, and to act as a collecting point for any details that others may offer. Most of this information is not computerised: it is on paper. We have to look it up and copy it out for you. Requests should be specific, asking about individuals or families, with as much information about dates, first names, etc., as the enquirer already has.

We are working in association with Genuki (Devon).

Information available for look-up so far:


Parish Registers:
Baptisms 1558-1870; Marriages 1612-1870; Burials 1671-1864 (typed copies)
'Family Reconstitutions' for 90 selected families

*Early Tax Rolls (Christian name, surname, assessment):
1524/6, 1543/6, 1581 Subsidy Rolls; 1569 Militia Muster Roll; 1674 Hearth Tax.

Graves: Index to graveyard survey - surname, first name, year, and an indication of location, for all surviving gravestones (not the full MI). 

Sexton's accounts 1885-1892; 1899-1906.  Photocopied by permission of a descendant.

Ipplepen Methodist Records: Baptisms 1838-1945 (reconstitutions by me)
Methodist Sunday School Roll 1902-6 (photocopies by permission of Church)

Tithe Apportionment 1840s (selected areas only) transcribed by me from microfiche copy in Torquay Library

Newton Abbot Union: Valuation Lists for Ipplepen: (owners, occupiers, areas, values)
1898; 1909; and a later version incompletely dated '191  '.
(Discarded some years ago by Parish Council and rescued by a friend: photocopies).

*Census 1851: copy of my own transcription for DFHS (also 1851 and 1881 CDs)

*Directories: White 1850; Kelly 1930; Foords Newton Abbot and District 1964-5.  Printed books.
(Other Ipplepen & Torbryan Directories 1850-1939 available in Ipplepen Library nearby, when open: photocopies)

I also have some data on selected properties in the village, and four A4 lever arch files FULL of correspondence and other documents about families which have had ancestors in the village.  These are arranged in alphabetical order, and can be checked for previous contacts.

And some historical odds-and-ends!

A popular version of the village history can be found in "Ipplepen" by Arthur French (Obelisk Publications 2003: 2.99 GBP) ISBN 1 903585 28 7, which is indexed on the GENUKI website.


Reconstitutions for 78 families, from about 1560.

And the items marked * above.

To arrange look-ups, e-mail me with as much information as you have.

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