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Thoughts for the 21st Century 


All of us, no matter of whatever race, colour, nationality, religion or sexuality, are members of the human race. For the first time in the brief history of humans we have all celebrated the dawn of this new era. 

Although the date is purely arbitrary it has joined most of the world in a new birthing. We have the opportunity to wave goodbye to the previous one hundred years; a period of time blighted by envy, hate, anger and immaturity, but also to feed a dawning consciousness that wishes to throw the shackles off political and religious constraint, where we begin again to realise our true nature: as guardians and caretakers of this planet.

With this new birthing comes a challenge to all of us. How will you manifest, during the rest of your life, all the best qualities of your humanness. How will you shine love, your life passion, compassion, wisdom, your joy and laughter into this world, but also better channel and dissolve your anger, jealousy, your hate and small mindedness. No longer, as a participant in the years of the 21st century, can you hide these very human qualities behind words and excuses, they have to be faced and with your actions you must make a difference in your life and thereby those around you.

It is in our own lives, in the everyday, that we have to manifest our new willingness to create a better world. Only as individuals can the dawn of a new consciousness begin. Recognise your anger and channel it constructively, search for the roots of your envy or jealousy and dig them out, expand your mind beyond the small and petty, manifest your love and wisdom, light your life with the passion of one who is alive, full of individuality and light. And, when life is dark and disappointing , when you feel heavy and depressed, when bad news had felled your joy with one swipe remember that it is counterbalanced by the utter happiness and ebullience that we were all moved by as the new millennium dawned.

As fireworks exploded in light so the truth of your manifestation and creation is made evident. In the countless colours and hues were your individuality expounded. And, with the celebrations, laughter, dancing and friendship, the connectedness of us all is realised.

Take care of yourselves, remember your lives were given as a gift. In their creation was love, light, individuality, passion, courage and joy.

Your lives should help you to manifest happiness and fun, love and laughter and a passionate experience of the present moment.

May all beings, of whatever race, colour, nationality, religion, sexuality, ablement, and ability realise their individuality and connectedness to all life in as joyful, peaceful, passionate and loving ways as possible. Never forget the optimism with which your soul greeted that world-wide sense of joy and celebration during the rest of your life. It is the key to your humanness. It is the joy of being alive at this moment in time.

 A happy new millennium to you all !  

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