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 HAWAIIAN HUNA bodywork 
and healer training



Huna Mua translated from the Hawaiian means the first or earliest form of Huna. The term 'huna' means that which is hidden or the secret and refers to the Hawaiian understanding of the nature of reality and mankind’s place within the scheme of things, it encompasses the heart of their spiritual teaching.

In modern times with the proliferation of books and large group workshops there has been something of an information explosion but what has been lost is the traditional form in which most esoteric, spiritual and shamanic teaching that was offered in ancient times.

This traditional format being the master and apprentice relationship. We are committed to offering the Hawaiian Huna Mua teaching, as far as possible, in this its original style of presentation. Following a number of years of successfully teaching the work in the old way we have come to acknowledge the need to disseminate information on the Huna Mua system as widely as possible. Keeping this in mind we are continuing to offer our book on the teaching which is entitled “The Power of Love, a Guide to Consciousness and Change” which gives an excellent overview of the system, and includes many helpful exercises to the general public and we are also still offering a series of eighteen ninety minute audio cassette tapes  covering the system in greater depth. However, beginning on March 7th 2002 we are teaching our next Hawaiian Huna Mua Bodywork and Healer training over twenty days in the form of 5 four day workshops.

An introductory workshop entitled “Connecting to the Source – Through Hawaiian Bodywork” is held at various times throughout the year and is a pre-requisite for beginning the full bodywork and healer training that begins in March 2002. However if there is no workshop available between you receiving this brochure and the course beginning you can attend the first four day block as a ‘taster’ before committing to the full training. Though an interview in Exeter may also be required before the full training begins.

The full 2002 Kahuna Lapa’au training dates are:

  • March 7-10 2002
  • May 9-12
  • Jul 11-14
  • Sep 12-15
  • Nov 7-10

Course fee is £900. Please pay a deposit of £90 by January 15th to secure your place the full remaining balance is due on the first workshop or you can pay a deposit of £90 and 9 payments of £95 by monthly standing order or credit card (installments attract approximately a 4% interest charge) beginning in March 2002. The course fee includes a copy of the book “The Power of Love – a guide to Consciousness and Change” all course manuals and handouts but not the cassette series, which must be paid for separately. Normal cost of the tapes to the general public is £120 but it is £ 85 to students on the training.

Your instructors are Phil ‘Kihonua’ Young and Morag ‘Kuoha’ Campbell who may be assisted by some of their apprentices in the work. After successfully completing this training further work can be undertaken on the island of Kauai by arrangement..

 Please click here for details on the Kahuna Lapa'au training syllabus.

The aim of this training is to enhance and deepen your understanding of the spiritual and magical aspects of bodywork and healing. To reinvigorate your already existing healing practice or if new to the work to start you off in the very best possible way supported by the magic and energy of the Hawaiian Islands. 

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