Michael Moorcock

Short Story Bibliography

This bibliography covers the first publications of all of Moorcock's short fiction. There are bound to be some pieces missing, if know of anything that isn't here then please let me know.

A Dead Singer
Factions, Michael Joseph 1974
A Winter Admiral
The Daily Telegraph, 1994
Adventures of Sojan
Tarzan Adventures, 21st September 1957
All the Dead Singers
Ink, October 1971
All the Way Around Again
Originally The Enigma Windows
An Apocalypse : Some Scenes from European Life
Bad Moon Rising, Harper & Row 1973
Ancient Shadows
New Worlds 9, Corgi 1975
Behold the Man
New Worlds, September 1966
Black Sword's Brothers
Science Fantasy, October 1963
Casablanca, VGSF 1989
Tarzan Adventures, 28th December 1957
Cheering for the Rockets
Interzone, November 1998
Originally Pride of the Empire
Constant Fire
New Worlds 10, Corgi 1976
Consuming Passion
New Worlds, April 1966
Crimson Eyes
New Statesman & Society, December 1994
Crossing into Cambodia
Twenty Houses of the Zodiac, New English Library 1979
Daughter of a Warrior King
Originally Sojan the Swordsman
Dead God's Homecoming
Science Fantasy, June 1963
Dead Lord's Passing
Science Fantasy, April 1964
Dek of Noothar
with John Wisdom
Tarzan Adventures, 28th June 1958
Doves in the Circle
The Time Out Book of New York Short Stories - [ed.] Nicholas Royle, Penguin 1997
Elric at the End of Time
Elsewhere, Ace 1981
Environment Problem
Space 1 - [ed.] Richard Davis, Abelard-Schuman 1973
Escape from Evening
New Worlds, March 1965
Feu Pierrot
New Worlds, 1978
New Worlds, July 1963
For Thomas Tompion (poem)
The New SF, Hutchinson 1969
Ergo Ego, 1962
unreleased (read on Radio 4, 25th March 1999)
Further Information
New Worlds, November/December 1965
Sniffin' Flowers no.1/2, 1977
Going Home
Science Fiction Adventures, March 1962
Going to Canada
My Experiences in the Third World War, Savoy 1980
Goodbye, Miranda
New Worlds, July/August 1964
Hanging the Fool
Tarot Tales, 1989
Originally Not By Mind Alone
John Creasey's Old Stand
Ergo Ego, 1962
John Dee's Song (poem)
Back Brain Recluse No.7, 1987
Johnny Lonesome Comes to Town
The Searchlight Book for Boys, 1956
Kings in Darkness
Science Fantasy, August 1962
Klan the Spoiler
Sojan, Savoy 1977
Last Vigil
Vision of Tomorrow, August 1970
Leaving Pasadena
My Experiences in the Third World War, 1980
London Bone
New Worlds - [ed.] David Garnett, White Wolf 1997
London Twist
The Edge, February 1999
Lunching With the Antichrist
Smoke Signals, Serpent's Tail 1993
'Mad Bomber' Slain in Anaheim
New Worlds, September 1979
Other Edens 2, Unwin 1988
Master of Chaos
Fantastic Stories of Imagination, May 1964
Matthew and Mars
Tarzan Adventures, 18th January 1958
Mission to Asno
Sojan, Savoy 1977
My Life, An Unfinished Memoir
You Always Remember the First Time, Michael Joseph 1975
No Ordinary Christian
Fabulous Harbours, Millenium 1995
Not By Mind Alone
New Worlds, September 1963
Pale Roses
New Worlds 7, Sphere 1974
Paperback Book Editor Murdered in Elevator
New Worlds, September 1979
Peace on Earth with Barrington J. Bayley
New Worlds, December 1959
Phase Three
New Worlds, March 1966
Pierrot on the Moon (poem)
Back Brain Recluse No.7, 1987
Preliminary Data
New Worlds, August 1965
Pride of the Empire
Corridor, January/February 1971
Prisoners in Stone
Tarzan Adventures, March 22nd 1958
Professor Merit's Monster
Tarzan Adventures, 6th June 1959
Rens Karto of Bersnol with Richard W. Ellingsworth
Tarzan Adventures, 6th September 1958
Revolt in Hatnor
Tarzan Adventures, November 23rd 1957
Sad Giant's Shield
Science Fantasy, February 1964
Sea Wolves
Science Against Man, Avon 1970
Sir Milk and Blood
Pawn of Chaos, White Wolf 1996
Sojan and the Hunters of Norj
Tarzan Adventures, 12th/19th January 1958
Sojan and the Plain of Mystery
Tarzan Adventures, 31st May 1958
Sojan and the Sons of the Snake-God
Tarzan Adventures, 21st June 1958
Sojan at Sea
Tarzan Adventures, 8th March 1958
Sojan the Swordsman
Tarzan Aventures, 31st August 1957
Some Episodes in the Great War
Other Times #2, February 1972
Some Fragments Found in the Effects of Sam Oakenhurst
Fabulous Harbours, Millenium 1995
The Adventure of the Dorset Street Lodger
The Adventure of the Dorset Street Lodger, 1995
The Adventure of the Texan's Honour
Originally The Adventure of the Dorset Street Lodger
The Affair of the Seven Virgins
The Time Centre Times, 1994
The Alchemist's Question
The Opium General, 1984
The Ball
Ergo Ego, 1962
The Black Blade's Summoning
Originally The White Wolf's Song
The Brothel in Rosenstrasse
Interzone, 1982
The Cairene Purse
Zenith 2, Orbit 1990
The Caravan of Forgotten Dreams
Originally appeared as The Flamebringers.
The Children of the Pit
Nebula, July 1974
The Dark Rider
Eldrich Dreamquest, November 1960
The Deep Fix
Science Fantasy, April 1964
The Dehli Division
New Worlds, December 1968
The Dodgem Division
Speculation No.23 1969
The Dreaming City
Science Fantasy, February 1961
The Dying Castles with Samuel R. Delany & James Sallis
New Worlds, April 1970
The Enigma Windows
Fabulous Harbours, Millenium 1995
The Entropy Circuit
An Index of Possibilities, 1974
The Enigma Windows
Fabulous Harbours, Millenium 1995
The Eternal Champion
Science Fantasy, June 1962
The Failure
Ergo Ego, 1962
The Flamebringers
Science Fantasy, October 1962
The Flight from Singapore
New Worlds, September 1979
The Frozen Cardinal
Other Edens, Orbit 1987
The Gangrene Collection
City Limits, 18-25th January 1990
The Ghost Warriors
Tales from the Texas Woods, Mojo Press 1997
The Girl Who Killed Sylvia Blade
Golden Nugget, 1966
The Girl Who Shot Sultry Kane
Golden Nugget, 1966
The Golden Barge
New Worlds, October 1965
The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindl
The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle, Virgin 1980
The Greater Conqueror
Science Fantasy, April 1963
The Hordes Attack
Tarzan Adventures, December 21st 1957
The Jade Man's Eyes
Flashing Swords! 2, Mayflower 1973
The Kassandera Peninsula
Game Vol.4 No.9, January 1978
The Lands Beyond the World
Flashing Swords 4!, Mayflower 1977
The Last Enchantment
Ariel 3, Ballantine 1978
The Longford Cup
Penthouse, Vol.8 No.7 1973
The Lovebeast
Deep Fix, Compact 1966
The Minstrel Girl
A Book of Contemporary Nightmares, Michael Joseph 1977
The Mountain
New Worlds, February 1965
The Murderer's Song
Tales from the Forbidden Planet, Titan 1987
The Nature of the Catastrophe
New Worlds, January 1970
The Nemedians
Fantasy Crossroads, November 1977
The Peking Junction
The New SF, Hutchinson 1969
The Pleasure Garden of Felipe Sagittarius
New Worlds, September 1965
The Prodigy
Ergo Ego, 1962
The Purple Galley
Tarzan Adventures, 22nd February 1958
The Real Life Mr. Newman
The Real Life Mr. Newman, 1966
The Retirement of Jack Karaquazi
Fabulous Harbours, Millenium 1995
The Roumanian Question
Back Brain Recluse #18, Spring 1991
The Ruins
New Worlds, April 1966
The Sea of Demons
Tarzan Adventures, 15th March 1958
The Sea Wolves!
Tarzan Adventures, 1st March 1958
The Seige of Noothar
with John Wisdom
Tarzan Adventures, 28th June 1958
The Sleeping Sorceress
Warlocks and Warriors, Mayflower 1971
The Singing Citadel
The Fantastic Swordsmen, Pyramid 1967
The Specimens
Boy's World Annual, 1964
The Spencer Inheritance
The Edge, June 1998
The Stealer of Souls
Science Fantasy, February 1962
The Stone Thing
Triode, October 1974
The Sunset Perspective
The Disappearing Future, Panther 1970
The Swastika Set-up
Corridor, 1972
The Tank Trapeze
New Worlds, January 1969
The Time Dweller
New Worlds, February 1964
The White Pirate
Blue Motel, ? 1994
The White Wolf's Song
Tales of the White Wolf, White Wolf 1994
Three Men of Affairs
Ergo Ego, 1962
Time Drop
Boy's World Annual, 1965
To Rescue Tanelorn
Science Fantasy, December 1962
Frendz, 14th/23rd June & 8 July 1971
Waiting for the End of Time
Originally Last Vigil
While the Gods Laugh
Science Fantasy, March 1961
White Stars
New Worlds 8, Corgi 1975
The Deep Fix, Compact 1966


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