Liberty Captions

Alistair Campbell spent an unsatisfying two years at art college; his already well-grounded knowledge of art, coupled with the desire to find spiritual certainty through creativity, found no avenue of expression within the confines of formal education. He was living with Ann during her last year at Stirling University while she was writing a thesis on the psychological and mystical import of the writings of Hermann Hesse. This was a time of great creativity for them both.

Following a favourable response to an exhibition at Stirling University they moved to London in order to continue a career of Art. They met with the aspiring artists' age-old problems and plummeted into the backwaters of city life. During a period of decadence, involving pursuits which almost proved fatal, they reaffirmed their Wills, until then submerged by the bewitching desire for recognition.

Through various forms of Magickal training - which led to their eventual admittance to the O.T.O* - they have created a series of works that they would like to have published some day as a book.

The magickal disciplines they chose to practice revealed in various forms a cohesive well of inspiration. It was interesting for them to see the differences in their choice of imagery as they expressed similar struggles and experiences. This in itself became a creative tool, as a poem, for example, would challenge Alistair to enter a universe not his own and force him to adopt an alien pattern, stretching his mind beyong its customary image-making boundaries. To his point of view the poems' imagery was irrational, therefore he was compelled beyond his personality to create anew.

Their Artwork is the material offspring, born from the union of their spiritual aspirations and artistic endeavours. A fusion... a Nuclear Art.


* The Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) is a Body of Initiates whose aim in the Outer is the establishment of the Law of Thelema. For further information on the O.T.O the works of Kenneth Grant should be consulted.

Evocations of Absence

'...Art, in the true and vital sense, is an instrument, a magical machine, a means of occult exploration which can project the seer into the realm of the Unseen, and launch the waking mind into the seas of subconsciousness. The power of seeing the unseen, the unnoticed, of knowing the unknown, is the supreme gift of Art.'

Kenneth Grant, Outside the Circles of Time, Muller, 1980e.v.

Visitations from the Aether

Intelligences brought back from the dark side.


Continuations in the tradition of Beardsley, Durer and Spare.

Oil Spillage

Stepping outside my Celtic straight jacket.

Magickal Workings

A direct result of intense magickal practices and drug use/abuse.

All text and images on this website are Copyright 1999 e.v. by Alistair Campbell. Please do not reproduce without permission. Photocopied reproductions of all works are available on request for a minimal charge to cover expenses, email:

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