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June/July 1997


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The Huna Bulletin Board

No article this month. Just a news release on our new Hawaiian Huna bulletin board. This is in response to numerous people asking if there was a news group or mailing list devoted to Hawaiian Huna. Previously there has not been anything like this but now we have created a bulletin board system at this web site that will allow people with an interest in Huna to leave messages for each other, to post details on upcoming courses around the world as well as book reviews and short articles indeed just about anything related to Huna. We do ask that you respect the views of others and avoid any flame wars. Let the spirit of Aloha rule! An ideal usage of the bulletin board is to network with other people who have an abiding interest in all things Huna.

Let us know of any problems you may have with posting messages and please read the faq on the wwwboard.

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