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April 1998


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 Huna Article


Huna and Golf?
by Kihonua.

"True gravity is a universal force, an ethical imperative and an overwhelming spiritual experience.
True gravity is intentional that is once you enter these realms you can not will any result arbitrarily: you must learn to join your will to the emerging will of God, or to put it another way, you must place your self in ecological harmony with the awakening world, not the "old-static-dying-world" but to "the next manifesting plane " as it develops in and around you. Modern science is a kind of black magic that tries to lord it over nature from a limited and inadequate consciousness, like all black magic it produces an "occult backlash" that will bring the world down unless it is tempered and eventually subsumed by the kind of consciousness Shivas was aspiring for. God intends the fullness of His being in the world, not just a thin slice, so "He will bring down the modern mind like a fallen species and clear the way for His greater life". …………"

The above quote comes from the book Golf in the Kingdom written by Michael Murphy the founder of Esalen Institute in California and whilst the book is not a book about Huna the above paragraph is certainly in keeping with the Huna teaching about Power and its potential within human consciousness for creating harm. The idea of science as black magic is certainly apposite and it is also true that many people in trying to manifest a new and better life which most likely includes greater material wealth at the very least often stems from a limited and inadequate consciousness of the full picture of the past, present and future that is your life. The occult backlash that occurs explains why very often when working to manifest more money that even if your income does increase your bills and other outgoings also increase. One rather interesting way of working with the energy of an occult backlash is to try and manifest greater debt in your life rather than greater wealth. The only question would be do you have the courage to willingly and wilfully work with your manifestation techniques to make your life even more difficult? It's an interesting challenge - care to try?

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