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May 1996


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 Huna Article


by Michael Kaha'i

When I spent some time with Kihonua in Devon, England towards the end of 1994, he asked me to describe my Soul Body. As I became aware of it in order to answer the question I realised that I was used to sensing it as if it had a boundary. The boundary between me and the rest of the world. In framing an answer I had a greater sense of my Soul Body as a concentration of life energy in a universe of life energy that contained other concentrations.

We covered other topics in discussion and I thought no more about this. Then we had a break for lunch. I went to eat in Honiton and on my return I stopped on a traffic island in the middle of the High Street. Waiting for a second to cross the road I emerged into awareness of my Soul Body and without stopping at the boundary of my self I flooded out into the whole scene before me or it flooded in to me. Then the traffic cleared, I crossed the road and the experience was a memory.

It is strange and exciting how themes for personal study arise and develop. The theme of connectedness grew in importance for me when I returned to everyday life. Kihonua had lent me some reading material. In an article about Abraham Kawai'i I read the following:

"Attune yourself to everything in existence and life becomes harmonious. Everything comes to you. The basic principle of Kahuna is an encompassing one - the spiritual understanding that everything is related to everything. Once you get into this principle of Family, everything is willing to communicate - everything extends itself to communicate with you." 1

I had come across the idea many times in reading about Huna but this was the first time that I had a feeling for its significance. The phrase "everything is related to everything" interested me but it was less potent than the principle of "Family". Here was something I could understand and extend.

The days passed and I realised that I was starting to attract experiences and references that related to the theme. One morning I drove to work, parked my car and stepped out to take a brief walk towards the office block. It was a bright morning. Ah! Suddenly the sun woke me up. Its warmth caressed me and I emerged into an awareness of me and the sun. We were connected for a second. Life energy moved within me and I had a profound sense of gratitude. Then I saw someone I knew and I was back in the ordinary world.

Continuing my reading I came across another relevant passage:

"The world is alive, conscious and able to be communicated with, and it has to be dealt with in that way." 2

It seemed very important that I should realise this. It is not simply a matter of me becoming aware, emerging into spirit from the confines of my various selves and then me extending outwards. I emerge in order to be able to make contact with a world that is waiting to communicate. Abraham Kawai'i said it, "Everything comes to you." But at first I had missed its significance. On another occasion, I had just finished work. The routine of the day had loosed its hold on me. As I walked out into the evening I raised my gaze up. With a deep intake of breathe I saw that I was not alone. There were no people about but that did not matter. The world was alive and, although only for a second, I was a part of it. Did I do something or was I called, I wondered?

In support of this last experience, I came across something from a book with no obvious Hawaiian or Huna connection: "In my own effort towards concentration, help is also offered by nature itself, life itself - whenever I can remain permeable to the deeply revealing impressions that it never ceases to provide. Therefore, my only concern should be to try and stay attentive to the wordless call from that which is always there, waiting for recognition." 3

So, at this moment in time I can only describe the gathering together of the pieces of this jigsaw. It is a process that will continue. It is helped by having to express some of it here although I know that as soon as I have the last full stop in place I will have more questions left than answers. But there is no better way to be!


1 Abraham Kawai'i is an Hawaiian-born Kahuna. The quote comes from an article called Keeper of the Secrets

2 Man, Gods and Nature by Michael Kioni Dudley, published by Na Kane O Ka Malo Press

3 The Taste For Things That Are True by Henri Tracol, published by Element Books

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