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June 1996


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 Huna Article


by Paka Leo Nui

However you came to visit this site, by chance or deliberate endeavor it is no mere accident.

Huna Mua is not only a pre-eminent system, but also still the clearest and foremost understanding of the nature of being human and the realms we inhabit. It is about you and your fellow humans. Today many people are expecting the world to change as if by magic, there is much talk about alterations of human consciousness sweeping the planet, great new movements afoot towards the dawning of a new era. Everyone interested waits with baited breath for mana to descend from the skies, as if the change will be an external one. It must be understood by you who are interested in this subject that there can be no change in world consciousness unless you and your fellow humans look to yourselves first. The responsibility lies with us all. We must be responsible for ourselves, not giving away the awesome, magical and mysterious qualities that being human naturally includes. However, the changes that are required will not be found in other realms, in psychedelic and hallucinatory trips, no they are more mundane and actually more difficult because of that fact.

Look to yourself. Look to transform and evolve yourself, your beingness in this universe, to make it a powerful expression of your true nature. Become a responsible and congruent adult human being. In this way, as difficult as you may find it to believe you raise and influence, even in small ways, the sum of human consciousness. You are not expected to be a pristine, pure, saintly or god like being in physical form. That is pure fantasy. You are simply asked to become responsible for your decisions, actions and opinions and to weigh them against what you know inside to be true of yourself. How do you feel about yourself? Not your possessions or accomplishments but your true self, that part of you that may have been kept hidden , because it seemed delicate or tender and so very human. How do you measure up to its unsullied nature, not in moral terms but in it not being contaminated with opinions and attitudes about how you should act from external sources. Think about this. Do you see how enormous the change would be if each person took responsibility for their actions and behaviour. Each drop of rain, no matter how small contributes to the sum total of the water on the earth. You are important. You do count. You are a unique being, each one of you a unique facet of the jewel. So you see, if you work on yourself first of all you are laying the firmest foundations you possible could for a better future for every thing which lives on this earth. Huna Mua can help you to do this.

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