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August 2000


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 Huna Article


Part 2

By Kihonua

In the original Huna teaching that part of man and woman which was considered to be immortal was referred to as the Aumakua. This Hawaiian term has been misinterpreted in many different teachings, it is not your higher self nor your soul but it is a created self.  What in English I often refer to as your immortal spirit self and its related body; the immortal spirit body.  This body and self is created during your physical lifetime by the work you do to integrate your soul, body and mind.  The Aumakua is composed not of energy, nor of physical matter but of the basic fabric of the universe by which I mean pure spirit or to give it a more modern terminology the quantum space of existence.  The spirit is the background of all existence it into penetrates every existing universe or dimension.  In Hawaii it was referred to by the term aka.

 During your earthly experience it is possible through the expression of your soul nature into the physical realm and the integration of your mind in harmony with that experience that you begin to radiate and generate an energy of such intensity that you can truly begin to warp the pristine fabric of space-time.  If you like, you could think of imprinting or etching a design in the mirror of the universe. Alternatively, you could think of aka or spirit as being an all pervasive universal watery substance within which the impact of your exquisite personal energies creates a moving vortex or shape. A shape that is capable of volitional movement but not just a shape, an actual being with thoughts feelings and emotion, an immortal spirit being that embodies all of your earthly experience in its highest form. To use the Hawaiian term an Aumakua, an ancestral spirit, immortal and indestructible.

 Indeed as this aumakua does embody your highest principles it is easy to see how some interpreters have thought of it as the super conscious mind or higher self. In ancient Hawaii the creation of the immortal spirit body was seen as a natural process.  It is a measure of how far we in the modern world have departed from the ways of nature that for Western man the creation of the aumakua is something that has to be worked at for years.  The modern world does not encourage soul expression nor is the body venerated, respected and loved in the way it was in ancient Hawaii. Then there is the problem of the mind, our thoughts have become too powerful, the inner voices and beliefs drown out the subtle messages from both body and soul.  So we must work, work to integrate and make congruent all the different aspects of our being so that we too can achieve that unique birthright that we all possess as human being's that of becoming an immortal spirit being. An Aumakua.

 In times gone by in Hawaii the ancestral spirit's were often believed to manifest themselves in the form of an animal.  In fact, the ancestors were often believed to speak to their descendants through rocks, trees, the animals, fish or indeed other people.  This phenomenon was referred to as “kino lau” or many bodies and referred to the belief that an aumakua as a being a pure spirit could enter into anything, animate or inanimate and then by attracting a person's attention communicate with them.  Within every Hawaiian family there was often a person whose specific role was to communicate with the aumakua but not in the normal way that we in the West might think of that, not as a spiritualist medium but as someone who would allow an ancestor to take total possession of their body.  This is not necessarily a pleasant process as I can attest to from personal experience, unless you like the feeling that every single cell in your body is being shaken apart! The other ways the Aumakua speak to us are much less dramatic. When they enter a rock or an animal, it is so much easier because unlike humans these do not resist.

There is much talk within various new age philosophies and spiritual practices on becoming more evolved or being more spiritual.  You often hear people talking about spiritual development yet in Hawaiian Huna there is a literal meaning to this phrase, to talk of spiritual development is to be referring to the actual creation of your immortal spirit body.  Through working on your self to conceive it, to nourish it through its gestation, to give birth to it and then to nurture it until it reaches full stature.

So an understanding of reincarnation does exist in Hawaiian Huna yet unlike the Asian teachings it is never you who lived before but that you can have an Aumakua attach them self to you in a symbiotic link before birth and stay with you through much of your life. In this way you can experience their memories and help them to perfect themselves.  Unlike normal spiritual possession there is a subtle alignment that goes on during pregnancy which allows the communication to be so easy as to be unnoticed. In return you benefit from the wisdom, love and experience of an immortal being. This companion spirit is closer to you than your own skin, your own soul. Furthermore unlike the Asian teachings it is not a common phenomenon. There is much more that could be said about this process but enough for now.


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