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July 1998


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By Paka Leo Nui

It is said that in the past, to know the finality of death many seekers were sent to burial places. There they had to accept, for they had no option, that we all must die. This beautiful body, the marvelous organs trying their best to serve us through our life, our skeleton, muscles, sense organs, skin, our brain and heart, a self regulating, self healing, self perpetuating magnificence, together with all the history, profound thoughts, experiences, love, the very being ness of us, you and me, can come to this. Death. An end. Sometime it seems inconceivable that we will disintegrate into the earth. This wonderful functioning whole made up of countless units will be ended. It bloats and swells. It blisters and rots and smells and is eaten by creatures smaller than we can see. Or else it is burned to ashes and scattered to the four winds. Death will breath down your neck, whether you like it or not. Every body feels its icy touch. What was the real purpose of this knowledge? The acknowledgement and recognition and exhaustion of this fact, undiluted by petty dreams and fantasies, helps you to live. For it is not true that we are dying from the minute we are born. We are only dying after our last breath. Before that we are still alive. Still living. So do not despair. Until your very last breath you are still alive. Still capable of evolution and progress, integration, love, being ness. Change. Wonder.

It also assists in prioritising your life. To instill an urgency to proceedings. You haven't got all the time in the world to put off that which has to be dealt with. You could die in a few minutes, whilst reading this, tonight during your sleep, in a few days, weeks, months. Perhaps it will be next year. You may never reach 40 or 50, 70 or 100. Which one works for you? And please remember your continued existence after this life is by no means certain. Be assured that as you are now, you will die.

How do you feel about this? Do you reply that you are not scared of death ? Do you look forward to it, even welcome it ? Do not be so foolish. So you have experienced everything have you ? You have seen enough sunrises then, heard the rain or crack of thunder enough, felt the suns warmth on your skin , breathed the fresh air, heard the rustling of the leaves in the trees, felt the grass underfoot, heard enough laughter, bored with music of every kind, loved and made love enough. You have been kissed by all kinds of experience. Marveled at the countless other life forms on this earth to the point of boredom. Felt the true sensations of life coursing through your veins to the point of satiety. Then you already dead !

Even those highly evolved humans who appear as gods to us sometimes miss this beautiful earth and the basic and beautiful senses to experience it by.

For all of us here the sky is always above our head, the earth below our feet. Your heart still beats, and your soul shines its vigour into this world and others.

Understand this above all things. As you are now, you will die. Until the very point of death you are magnificently, marvelously and miraculously alive. Press on !!


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