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November 1996


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by Paka Leo Nui

ALOHA - perhaps one of the most well known of all Hawaiian greetings. What do you think it means? Most people would think of 'hello', 'greetings' or some similar sentiment. They would be correct. However it also means goodbye, affection, joy, sympathy, kindness, grace, compassion and behind all these - around, within and without - is above all one expression, that of LOVE.

In the world today the word LOVE has become corrupted, sentimentalised, cheapened, almost exhausted because it is used so randomly and without thought, so much so that when it is used with power and integrity it is often dismissed and ignored.

LOVE is all!

LOVE, once properly acknowledged and understood, is the greatest force for change in the universe. It is never restricting or uses its power over others, it always opens the doors to a wider universe. LOVE is not some insipid sentimentalised nonsense, it is also not the sole attribute of the religious, in whom its power and sincerity is so often sadly lacking. In fact it is the ultimate power of transformation.

Many truly spiritual teachings, which have now become sleep inducing religions and far distant from their sparkling beginnings, actually began in, and with, the incandescent transformative power of LOVE at the core of their teaching.

LOVE does not just transform others, their circumstances and thoughts, but most importantly it is the true powerhouse for the transformation of yourself. Use the spirit of ALOHA for yourself as well as for those with whom you come into contact.

Not only is ALOHA the genuine welcoming acceptance of another, the acceptance, face on and open LOVE of your fellow humans without deception or deceit but it is the true power of acceptance and open LOVE of yourself. For there is absolute truth in the saying that to truly LOVE another you must LOVE yourself first. Remember that within yourself are the secrets of the universe, and that by loving oneself the universe itself is consciously acknowledged, appreciated and imbued.

LOVE is the power of connection, transformation, excitation and the meaning of life itself. LOVE is manifestation and creativity. It is the battle cry of the warrior heart. It is the power of your very own soul.

So, ALOHA to you all.

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