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July 2001


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Letís face it, by far the vast majority of our time is spent in mundane, boring, life demoralising tasks, which usually if reflected upon, only lead to that dreaded feeling of dissociation from the great stream of sparkling consciousness that enlivens the universe.  It is as if we sat in some distant and long forgotten cave, far away from the breathing centre of creation.  It is dull but not dead, alive but demoralised, and can lead you to believe that you are ignored Ė perhaps even to super inflate the ego to seek the attention you feel you are not receiving. 

Isnít it funny how we all carry images of how our well-evolved spirits will be greeted by the universe.  Somehow that last shred of self aggrandisement and importance occupies itself with the thought that we cannot possibly be overlooked by whatever it is that places the signposts on the path for us; the reward must come soon and then everything will be magical, just like the lives of those who write the many books we read to fill up our ordinary lives.  How is it that we are ignored?  It must be because we are not living the life we should, that we are not good enough, that we are not important enough, we must do more work. 

But then we become panicked with the thought that we havenít enough spare time to do Ďthe workí, to concentrate, to adapt, to learn, to integrate.  If only we didnít have to work in mundane jobs; why werenít we born into a culture that supported our endeavours; why havenít we enough money to support ourselves; why arenít magical and fantastic beings hovering over our heads with instructions to guide and support our journey? 

But, as Iím sure you know, this is not how the path really is.  It is an inch by inch walk into the magnificent manifestation of the truth of your creation, surprisingly facilitated by these small, seemingly insignificant irritations of life, but only if you use them correctly.  Do you really expect that the whole of the rest of your life will be spent healing magnificently, inspiring with well chosen words, altering consciousness, manifesting your absolute certain magnificence, and that everyday will be like that when you finally enter the supreme state?  Let us get back to the nitty gritty of our everyday lives and the pursuit of the evolution of us as human beings, let us control our fantasies just a little bit. 

So how to begin?  Well, of course, each of our lives, no matter how very important our position or our status, is filled to the brim with ordinary, everyday acts. What are you actually doing with your consciousness during these ordinary acts?  Are you aware whilst you brush your amazing teeth in the morning, or is it an absent-minded act, born out of necessity not respect.  Are you aware of your body at all as you rise from a chair, walk to work, sit at your workstation?  Is there somewhere, small but still alight, which is conscious of the wind, and the clouds, of the earth, the massive fire radiance of the sun, the plants, all those secret and never to be discovered asteroids and comets flying just around our galaxy?  Can you be conscious of these whilst sitting at your desk?  Can you keep in mind the massive and the small at the same time?  Whilst you stand at the photocopier are you absentmindedly looking into space or becoming aware of your posture, of how you are holding your neck and head, how firmly your feet are planted onto the earth?  Are you aware of the different trance states you move in and out of all the time?  Is there some conscious decision making about how you express your self when it comes to arguments and points you might want to make to your work colleagues?  How true are you to that unique and sparkling song that is your very own?  Can you sing it simply sitting there, without a word?  How many times during a day do you lose awareness of any or all of this? 

Am I being obsessive?  Do you think for one minute that your ultimate integration only depends on the 20 minutes each day you spend meditating?  In the world we live in today it is a very difficult task to live as we should do, and we have to take the teachings that would naturally have been taught to us pathwalkers in forests and mountains into the city, into our daily ritual at the office, the workplace, the bank, and the shops from which we buy our food.  It is very very hard to do this.  And if anyone tells you different then they are not true pathwalkers.  It is really hard work.  But it is with these seemingly small and insignificant aspects of life that we can practice, practice and practice and set our knowledge into reality.  All the time we have available to us the hard practical lessons of life to which our knowledge, if at all viable and relevant, must be applied.  If it cannot be applied here, then it is irrelevant to your continued growth.   

Make no mistake about it, being a pathwalker involves a daily and perpetual struggle against sleep.  You are in the midst of a battle between consciousness and unconsciousness, between those who would have humans stay as they are and those who wish humans to own and manifest our true magnificent potential.  You are in the midst of that battle.  You are a foot soldier, right in the thick of it.  Maybe you always will be, but that is absolutely irrelevant.  Your part is significant, even if no one else notices or acknowledges it. But if you want to stop yourself going to sleep and forgetting the battle, the possibilities that are available, the evolution, the growth, the consciousness, then you must try your best to practice with, and in, the everyday.  It contains and encourages a secret strength, rather as a musicianís daily practice refines and co-ordinates aspects of his/her physical being, which are undeveloped in other people, until they are second nature. 

This is the beauty of the small things in your life.  They are the arenas within which you can test out your skills, your consciousness, and they will all too readily point out where more attention and practice is required.  However, they can also become the strong roots that support the immortal tree.  They are the raindrops that create the rainbow.  They are the mirror that truly reflects the state of your consciousness.  Use them for the benefit of your development, rather than feeling demoralised and defeated by their ordinariness.  In this way your onward evolution can continue apace and you are in no way disadvantaged.  Press on.


Kala Ka La 2001

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