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March 2001


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There is a fundamental aspect of your nature which must be constantly addressed if your evolution is not to be unnecessarily corrupted:  the clarification of the origins of your beliefs and opinions. 

That sentence has major implications and consequences:  what I am trying to shed light on is that you need to have a very clear perception of the reasons for your opinions and beliefs as they determine your behaviour during your life on earth.  Fundamentally you need to constantly search out the real motivation behind your actions.  In essence I am asking you this question:  do your actions arise from your true, integrated self, or is there, even in the smallest part, the idea of consequences, retribution and/or praise from the creator, from those you may call the Gods or God, for your actions? 

On an obvious level you should be able to identify any contamination in the substance of those beliefs or opinions but it is not such an easy task to look deeply into the roots of your behaviour as they are naturally buried deep in the beginnings of thought.  As the root system of a tree is hidden to view, so are many of the impulses manifesting as beliefs and opinions that drive your behaviour. 

How early did it all begin?  No matter how you were bought up by your parents or guardians - no matter how freely - there were of course influences from your society, culture and the media that surround us.  So what I am asking is how certain are you of your motives for acting in the way that you do? 

How sure are you that your generosity, kindness, loving; your compassion, your charity, are not motivated by the ideas of reward, of  “correct behaviour for the spiritual aspirant”, of karma; because your God or the laws of nature reward and/or punish you for behaving in such a way?  Likewise, is the reason you don’t show anger, resentment, lust, jealousy, bitterness or hate, because you fear the continuing gaze of the all that is?  How much do you pretend not to have or have these qualities because the eye is on you, an eye that sees everything, every thought, every action?  Do you even pretend not to have or have these qualities to the outside world, even to your fellow men and women. 

Or, do you acknowledge them?  Do you see them arise and watch them?  Do you shine the light of the best aspects of yourself onto the reality of your mind, not how you believe it to be?  Do you endeavour to clarify your opinions and beliefs with your clear light? 

Or is it your ego that can’t take the fact that you need to change, that you are not as pure, clear and bright as you would like to think you are?  A strong ego is good, not bad, but only if it is based on the template of your soul. 

When you express an opinion or belief it must come from the deep pool of your being, not from the shallows.  It is so easy to express an opinion and yet not so easy to create one; likewise a belief can take a minute to hear, but many years before you are able to express in words what you have learned from your own self.  It is this underground work -  just as a seed’s activity is invisible - that makes the flower so beautiful.  But the work must be real, not the stolen phrases and sayings, the pilfered admonishments and criticisms of others, no matter from where they are supposed to have been originally uttered.  They must arise from the depths of your very own being.  Your direct input and experience is paramount in becoming whole and integrated.  For, in the depths of your own being is the gateway to universal experience - but it has to be opened by oneself alone, only by your own hand can the door handle be turned.  Then you will have access to simple yet profound universal truths, and in that light is the consciousness that was meant to infuse your being; your mental being included. 

This is why, when true beliefs are expressed - ones that arise from the depths of the universe - it is hard to resist the consciousness they are infused with.  They have real consciousness, they have mana.  But, even if this is the case, you must still search for the place inside which resonated with those truths.  Spiritual growth is always a case of re-inventing the wheel.  No where else in life is it so true, no where else does it apply so clearly - every one of us has to advance through our own efforts, listening and even following another’s teaching can only help us if we integrate them into our own being, and only then if those truths are real.  In this way you will never blame another for the consequences of what you have spoken.  Justify each one of your beliefs and opinions with thorough and convincing arguments from the reality of your own experience and your life, never with what has been told to you.  Even if blasted with a firestorm until you flesh drops from your bones you will stand resolute in the knowledge that you were true to your own self, to that self which the creator gave to you as a gift. 

Accept no other truth than that which you find at the foundations of your own beingness.  You must ruthlessly uproot the weeds and enticing but illusory plants and flowers that have taken up home in the garden of your mind:  they threaten to stifle and obscure from view the real and magnificent oak that is at this very moment struggling to establish itself in your mental world; resonating with the great tree of life from which everything arises. 

Only in this way will you develop enough internal power, enough strength of character and inner conviction to enable you to survive the arduous life of the true path walker, the true flamekeeper.


Kala Ka La 2000


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