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December 1999


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 Huna Article


Part 1

By Kihonua


How do I know thee
Have we met before?
I seem to know you 
But am yet unsure

How do I know
With every fibre of my being
That though the face is unknown
It is you that I am seeing 

How can I tell
Through eons of time,
That I have always been yours
And you mine.

How do I love Thee
For  I know that I do.
For life after life
I have loved only you.

How do I know
With steps unsure.
That the two of us
Have walked this way before.

How do I know
What makes me say
When questioned
That you and I go back a long way. 

How do I know
As I look in your face
That our love has transcended
All time and space.

How Do I know?
Itís enough that I do,
And for this moment in time
Iím united with you.


The above poem beautifully expresses something about the experience of reincarnation or as it is sometimes referred to "a past life" In this article and the next I want to explore something of the way in which the phenomena of reincarnation is viewed from the Huna perspective. Perhaps surprisingly the first thing I am going to say is that it does not exist! Have I piqued your interest? To be precise I should say that it doesn't exist in the way it is normally thought to work. The most usual way people think of past lives is that a human being has an immortal soul which reincarnates again and again through many lives learning and growing all the while. Eventually through many lives experience the soul reaches some transcendent level of development having "learned all its lessons" at this stage it no longer needs to reincarnate and can reunite with God (or perhaps move on to some other dimension of reality).

The basic problem that exists with this perspective on reincarnation from the Huna point of view is that in the huna teaching the soul is not considered to be immortal! Each soul is created anew from the divine flame and has a limited duration, just as the body does, even though it exists in a timeless realm or dimension that is not bound by the laws of relativistic time. The second problem is that in Huna the soul is considered to be perfect it does not have lessons to learn its existence. The fundamental aim of its existence is to express the power of love (which is its basic nature) through the body and mind out into the world.

From a huna perspective if a soul exists in a realm beyond time then it is quite possible for any individual soul to have access to the experience of potentially every human soul  that has ever existed and to have immediate knowledge of every possible lesson that life could offer.

In Huna there is a continuous sense of direct connection with your elders and ancestors who act as guides in your life so that you can achieve an easy expression of your soul nature, the love that burns within. The idea of past lives simply never had the same political and social relevance that it did in certain parts of Asia.

In the second part of this article we will look at just what part of the human being is considered to be immortal within the Huna tradition and how that part can have the experience of many lives in a real physical sense. What is known in Hawaii as "kino lau".  


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