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March 1997


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 Huna Article

On Being Human and the 
Transformation of Yourself into Magnificence

If you are wondering how you might apply the true Huna understanding to your life in a more practical way you may be interested in the attached unpublished book - On Being Human and the Transformation of Yourself into Magnificence.

It is an exposition of how to approach certain core issues and life situations with a clear and distinct teaching that may well challenge and/or inspire, or simply provide you with some new input and an ‘alternative view’ to move you on to the next stage of your own personal evolution.

If you would like to publish the book ! , comment or contact me please feel free to e-mail me

I hope you enjoy this personal view, David - Paka Leo Nui

A very special offering for this month
Click the image to download the full  in zipped Microsoft word generic format 155Kb.

(email us if you need a different format)

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