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March 1999

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By Phil Young

There are many different systems of energy balancing or energy medicine as it is now often referred to such as Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, spiritual healing, and so forth. The reason that most people visit an energy medicine practitioner is because they have some kind of a problem with their state of health, in other words they are suffering from some specific physical pain or disease. All energy systems work very well on healing physical problems and to some degree or another also on relieving mental emotional stress. What is less well understood however is that a good energy balancing session that affects the complete energy system within the human body both the electromagnetic or the bio- magnetic as well as the Etheric energy can change a person's whole life. By whole life I do not mean just their state of physical health but that their life experience itself begins to change, suddenly they can find a whole new world opening in front of them.

There many different approaches to creating the life that you desire and it might seem strange to think that a system of what is most commonly thought of as alternative medicine may well offer the best route to changing your whole life. Dr. Randolph Stone the founder of Polarity Therapy was very clear in his understanding that the energy in the human body acts like a magnet in as much as it attracts and repels. He called this phenomena the "Magnet of Life". Unlike some other systems Polarity views everything that exists as a manifestation of some specific level or vibration of energy. One of the most fundamental Polarity concepts is stated as "all is energy". Every experience we have in life is an energetic experience. The movement of energy is always pulsatory, so the human energy system changes polarity on a rhythmic basis and the energy can be polarised into either an attractive or repulsive phase of activity.

Many systems of personal growth and therapy say that we create our own life but the question is how ? If you think of this magnet of life then it is easy to see how we created the life we actually live. We created it through energy! Human consciousness itself is energy or if you like " mind is energy". The polarisation of the energy that is our consciousness or mind will determine the kind of life experiences, people and events that we are attracted to or to which we have the exact opposite reaction to and are repelled from.

This magnetic process can be easily illustrated by thinking of the whole experience of eating a hearty meal. In hunger, the desire to eat, the process of attraction to some particular food and the feeling of being repelled by other foods is a part of everyone's experience. Practically, there is no food that we as human beings eat that even in normal quantities cannot be toxic to us. Their are certain constituents in food that are not really useful to the human body. After eating a meal we break the food down and digest it and in that process of digestion we absorb into the body that which is useful to us and then we eliminate the waste material that we do not need. If we don't do that then we are quite likely to develop certain physical problems, at the very least a general level of toxicity. This same process is just as true in terms of everyday life experience we need to be able to absorb and eliminate so that our lives don't become toxic. When the life energy in the human system is polarised properly it moves through a phase of motor or out flowing energy and then into sensory or return flowing energy and it is in this phasic shift that lives the secret of a healthy life. When in the attractive phase of energetic activity we attract what we need, selectively evaluate its usefulness and then absorb what is most important and helpful to us. Then as our energy changes polarity from attraction to repulsion to use the Polarity Therapy terminology we repel or eliminate that which we don't need.

In an everyday sense most of us are aware of this phenomena; we are attracted to certain people, we like a certain kind of music, we hunger for a particular taste, we long for the experience of relating to someone at a very deep level. We also know that the some things we withdraw from; certain foods that repel us, we find it difficult to be around certain people for any length of time, most of us have experiences in the past that we would choose to eliminate from our consciousness, perhaps even physical trauma to the body the memory of which is difficult to bear and that we would like to eliminate. The reality of the situation is that there is no single experience in life which does not have a Polarity built into it and by that I mean that even best experiences often have negative aspects and the secret of having a happy life is to be able to hold on to the positive and eliminate the negatives as we go along.

It really is a process of digestion; we have life experiences that we need to digest and as we digest them we need to keep all that which is useful or helpful to us and eliminate the parts of the experience that are less palatable. Even in the happiest relationships there are things that our partners do which are annoying. The only thing that keeps the relationship alive and growing is the two people's ability to keep focused on the good things and to have their energy polarised in such a way that they can eliminate from their consciousness the difficulties that arise rather than becoming shall we say mentally constipated and holding onto them.

The practical difficulty that most people experience is that their energy is polarised in such a way that the things that they desire the most and that they would wish to magnetise into their life are the things that they are the least likely to get. Their energy is polarised in such a way that they actually repel or repulse the very things that they want the most. This does not happen at any real level of conscious awareness and choice but happens as a part of a persons total energetic balance. The fact that the state of your energy controls your whole life is perhaps the greatest reason to follow the biblical dictum of "man know thyself". The more intimately acquainted you are with the energy in your own body and provided you realise that energy is in essence consciousness itself, is actually your mind in your body then you might begin to have a sense of the possibility of using this basic function of energy to attract and repel in an appropriate way.

Once your energy is polarised properly and can shift easily from attraction to repulsion at all levels you can simply watch your life change. You begin to notice that not alone does your body feel different in a physical sense but that your thoughts are different, your emotional responses have changed and that in a very short period of time that job you always wanted finally appears on the horizon of your perception, the relationship which you always wanted finally manifests itself in your life. That perhaps you have the parents and even the children you always wanted after all !

Energy is a truly pervasive phenomena and Polarity Therapy really is one of the few systems that understands this in depth and has techniques that can effect all the different levels of energy within human being dramatically and thereby alter the whole course of someone's life experience.

To put it humorously the questions are; do you have a magnetic personality and are you repulsive enough?

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